2004 AGM

December 20, 2004

2005 Executive Committee: President: Tom McCann (2nd Year) Treasurer: Brian Lynch (3rd Year) Secretary: Matt Condon (1st Year) Captain: Jon-Luc Dupuy (2nd Year) Vice Captain: Jason Caron (1st Year) Match Secretary: John Rynak (1st Year) Field Committee: Ryan

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Hubbard (2nd Year) Publicity/Recruiting: Tim Day (2nd Yewar) Social Director: Brian Deptula (2nd Year) Ombudsman: Chuck Urso (1st Year) Selector: Arturo Bravo Nuevo (1st Year) Trustee Positions: Joe Conners elected to fulfill the remainder of his term (expires 2006) Mike Rooney elected to three year term (expires 2007) Stan Tasker (expires 2005)