2010 Old Gold Awards and Holiday Banquet

December 21, 2010

The 2010 Old Gold Awards and Holiday banquet was held on Saturday, December 18th. Very many thanks go out to Blaine Keller for organizing and the Gloria’s staff for implementing what was a very successful and enjoyable evening. The OG family was well represented with wives, girlfriends and friends. Players, past and present wore their Number 1’s, though a few were “duly noted”. Harpoon was kind enough to spare a few kegs which kept the party well hydrated. Though, even with all the libations there were no serious incidents to report, except for one player’s decision to wear a bright red tuxedo… but we’re not naming names. Many congratulations go out to the following award receipients, they were hard earned and well deserved.

In addition to being a social success, the night also included a Jersey auction which raised close to $1,300 which will be put to good use going into the new year. Many thanks to all that made the evening possible.