30th Anniversary Recap

December 18, 2004

The weekend started out with a bang at the Meet and Greet at Tom English's Pub with several active players players meeting several Old Gold OB's as well as some of the Dorchester regulars at the festive Tom English's Pub. On Saturday, Old Gold decided to move the kickoff up to noon to allow for all three matches to be played with daylight.

30th Team Photo The game started out with Old Gold donning their new 30th Anniversary

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Game jerseys which looked very similar to the previous set except for the flashy 2 thin hoops on the sleeves. Charles River was made well aware of the new time change but the Old Gold A side seemed to miss the memo. Charles River played very aggressively into Old Gold's end and Old Gold was guilty of some early infractions that allow Charles River to attempt two penalty kicks that went wide. As Charles River pushed harder they eventually pushed a try over against Old Gold. They converted the wide kick and then went back down and scored again. After Jason Caron left the pitch for a blood substitute Dr. R2 quickly filled in at Fly Half as Old Gold was trying to narrow Charles River's lead he threw an errant pass that was intercepted by a redheaded Charles River back who raced about 95 yards for the try as Tim Day chased but the Charles River back put on the afterburners and left Timmy in the dust about midfield. As the half ended Charles River held a 21 to nil lead. As the second half opened Old Gold could not get into the try zone and eventually Charles River put up 3 more converted tries and as the match ended Charles River had the match with a 42 to nil victory. 1. Massi 2. Sutton 3. Sisi 4. Angry Scott 5. Gavin 6. Dupey 7. Dunno – email me pls if you want your name here 8. Simi 9. Milsey 10. Caron 11. Tim Day 12. Thuku 13. Filipe 14. Brian 15. Alex The B Side was a much different side with a mixture of active players and a few Old Boy's filling in at certain positions. The B's took it to their counterparts and got up a couple of tries early in the first half. The second half had a couple of more tries but a determined Charles River side fought back but too late as Old Gold closed the game out with a 27-21 victory. 1. Grande 2. Jimmy B 3. Horse 4. Sanjay 5. Brian-Bob Lynch 6. Tim Burkie 7. Justin W. 8. Big Andy 9. Arturo 10. Tom English (replaced by Tim Day) 11. Jon May 12. Matt Condon 13. Tim Pond 14. Chuck Urso 15. Doug DeMeritt Referee was John Rynak in a nice Red Rugby Jersey ensemble with matching socks. Very chic. The Old Boy's took to the pitch 5 years older than the winning side that took to the pitch in 1999 coached by a non smiling Joe Connors. They played a spirited Charles River D4 side that must of had some twins of A side players that were on the pitch early in the day. There was some hard hitting going on as Charles River took the early lead but Old Gold kept pace but some scary moments happened when Jim Mattera was knocked four ways to Sunday on a nice hospital pass and Ned Stanton was body slammed by a Charles River forward and then he issued the famous words “I have fallen and I can't get up”. As the team collected Ned from the ground there were some angry words exchanged as Jeff Quinn snapped to some Charles River backs “that this was supposed to be an OB's game.” A Charles back snapped back “Look at my hair! I am old!” It turns out the real old back in need of hair plugs and a few more salads was only 35 and Quinny let him know that several of the Old Gold players played under William Webb Ellis back in the 19th Century while most of Charles River's OB played under William Jefferson Clinton in the last 10 years. Old Gold pushed hard but ended up coming up a little short on the 19-12 score. Some of the players from memory: Jim “Ben” Fogerty Bill Reynolds Jim Mattera Peter “Squeek” Logan Geoff Millerd Doug DeMeritt Jeff Quinn Bill Miller Greg Sawyer Ned Stanton Jeff Linehan Big Andy Carter Mike Rooney Dom DiVicenso Carl “Steamhead” Ostermann Sorry if I missed some of you. Spectators Fred Bogan Paul “Chick Magnet” D'Allasandro Matt Greene Tim Semen Tim Burke Tom Thornton John Timoney Referee was Stan Tasker who was not dressed as sharply as the B side referee but looked the part and was able to keep the tempers in check. The drink up was a little more eventful and scary as Jim Mattera was having a conversation with Jeff Quinn and Carl Ostermann one minute and the next he had collapsed in Jeff arms. Jim came to quickly and Jeff and Carl took him outside of Tom E's pub to get some air. He was fine for a moment but then fainted again. They quickly called 911 and Carl and Jim went off to Boston City Hospital. Jim was issued a clean bill of health and nothing too serious than perhaps some dehydration. Jim was very fortunate that no one was shot during his visit as Boston City's ER was pretty quiet during his brief visit. The 30th Anniversary Celebration Over 100 Old Gold members attended the dinner and cocktails before. As the dinner concluded about 30-40 members showed up to enjoy the festivities. The Salem crew arrived in style in a stretch limo that I think Red Ball drove. As in past years Dick Daly was on the prowl speaking to everyone before, during and after to limit their speeches. Jeff Quinn was the Master of Ceremonies and he started with a quick introduction of the club and the earlier years were presented by a fully recovered Jim Mattera. Joe Connors reviewed the 80's – 94 as Dick started to squirm in his chair. Joe provided a thorough review of these years taking the moment to review an outstanding $3000 Invoice from the Polish Ministry of Sport for Bolek and Spesciak an invoice that was never paid. Funny later in the night I was having a conversation with Joe when an unnamed OB told Joe that he never heard him speak that much in 25 years of knowing him. Up next was Mike Rooney and he quickly went through the rest of the club history for fear of Dick Daly backlash. Tom McCann took to the mike to discuss help from the Old Boy's in any way as they try to create an On-line archive of the club's accomplishments as well as any help getting a permanent home for Old Gold Rugby. (president@oldgoldrugby.com)

Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame awards were up next as Dick was the first presenter after giving a glowing acceptance speech he realized that the Trophy indicated his brother Jim “Red Ball” Daly not himself. So Dick presented the trophy with 30 seconds to spare on his self imposed time limit. The next presentation was to Ned Stanton by Hall of Frame member Peter Logan and Peter summarized Ned's dedication to the club and all his early accomplishments Ned took to the podium offering a date with one of his 7 month old daughters once she turns 18 for any Old Gold player that get's that Charles River back that knocked him off the pitch. Ned reviewed several accomplishments including being the primary employer to the Old Gold unemployable. He reviewed the accomplishments of all the coaches over the years that Joe has brought to Ned Stanton Construction for employment. Bill Reynolds took to the podium to present Joe Connors and reviewed all of his accomplishments Joe Connors thrilled the audience as he said thank you for the award with a limited speech. The next presentation was by Joe Connors as came back on staged and pulled out the Mike Rooney profile and he reviewed this with the crowd. Mike came up and thanked Ken Daly for forcing him to play flanker when Mike wanted to play wing at BC. The last presentation was from Stan Tasker to Doug DeMeritt which went quickly as Dick was starting to pace in the back of the room. The dancing and socializing kicked off with members of the club partying into the wee hours of the morning. Congratulations to everyone that has worn the black and gold over the past 30 years the party was tremendous time for all that attending. See you at the 35th.