December 1998 Newsletter

December 1, 1998

Volume 2 Issue 1
December 1998
Web Page:
Old Gold RFC
PO Box 540225
Waltham, MA 02454-0225
Secretary 1998 -Matt Shafer

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  • Presidents Message

    Hi Old Gold, I want to thank everyone for your support for the club this past season. I want to thank all the officers who contributed their time and effort to the club. The players that committed to Old Gold making this season successful. This may not appear in the record but we have laid the ground work this year that should pay off for years to come.

    I want to thank those Old Boy’s who have contributed to the club as 1998 social members. We received many positive responses and were able to take on additional things to better the club. I would like to personally thank Ken Blanc, Dave Censorio, Dr. Robert Demling, Jim Axon, Jim “Ben” Fogerty, Neil Herlocher, Terry O’Donnell, David O’Hara, Bill Reynolds, Frank Tessitore, John “Rocky” Aiello, Jim “House” Coleman, Todd Lena, Dan May, Jeff Quinn, Ned Stanton, Tom Thornton, Kent Weldon, Paul Antognoni, Roland Beaudette, Dr. Michael
    Brabeck, Bob Collier, Dan Crane, Don Crookes Sr., Jim Daly, Ken Davis, Andrew Deacon, Mike Elliott, Dave Filipek, Pat Flaherty, Guy Holappa, Dave Jacobs, Stu Jones, Jim Mattera, Joe McDonagh, Scott Pfeffer, Dr. Tom Russo, Greg Sawyer, Pete Schondek, Dan Shea, Bill Stanton, Matt Taylor, and Henry Ward who all contributed a social members.

    With the social dues Old Gold was able to send out recruiting letters to all registered college students that play rugby or live in Massachusetts. We were also able to pay for 600 professional posters advertising Old Gold. We are currently placing many of these in gym’s, taverns, and colleges. (Don’t worry these posters will last us several years). We were able to make contributions to various charities to give Old Gold a more positive relationship in our community. This is very important as we saw with our long time rival Charles River RFC who almost folded this year due to various factors, most of which dealt with loosing sponsorship and community trust which ultimately effected their ability to grow as a club.

    One major thing Old Gold was able to accomplish was the taking over of the 10 good men tournament. Some of you may not be aware but Dr. John Logan one of the founders of 10 Good Men RFC passed away on two weeks prior to the 10 Good Men Tourney. Old Gold was able to take on the tournament with very short notice and turn a profit. With these profits Old
    Gold was able to bring in a new coach Neil Livett from York, England., who worked us hard throughout the season.

    I want to thank Boddington’s Pub Ale and Jack Daniels for their 1998 sponsorship and look forward to our continued relationship.

    We are presently planning the Old Gold 25th Anniversary this will include a home Old Boy’s game and active games followed by the banquet. This has been tentatively scheduled October 16, 1999. In the beginning of the spring season we will have more formal information sent out to everyone.

    J. Douglas DeMeritt

    Spring 1998 Fixtures

    3/13 or 3/20 Landsdowne Tourney (Awaiting confirmation)
    3/27 OPEN
    4/3 HBS – HOME (easter)
    4/10 Morris RFC – Away (NJ)
    4/17 Newport RFC – Home
    4/24 Manhattan RFC – Home
    5/1 Springfield RFC – Away
    5/8 Portland RFC – Home (awaiting confirmation)
    5/15 Danbury RFC – Home
    5/22 NERFU Tourney – Away, RI
    7/17 Ten Good Men Tourney in Acton, MA

    Fall 1998 Season Summary

    Abercarn RFC
    Cowbridge RFC
    10 Good Men
    Saranac Lake
    Hartford Tourney
    Springfield 34 7
    Burlington 80 0
    New Haven 38 12
    Worcester 68 14
    Newport 25 21
    Charles River 15 50
    Portland 35 27
    MIT Win
    Lowell 17 54
    Babson Oldboy’s 14 21
    Old Boy’s vs.
    The Boston Gentlemen

    Congratulations to the 1999 Old Gold Officers

    President – Doug DeMeritt
    Captain – Brian Lottridge
    Vice Captain – Rob Thomas
    Match Secretary – John Rynak
    Secretary – Judd Caulfield
    Treasurer – Stan Tasker
    Social Secretary – Jeff Kurzweil
    Field Committee – Brian Looney
    Selector – Mike Rooney
    Ombudsman – Dan “Preacher” Kanter

    1998 Player’s Awards

    Most Valuable Player: Mike Rooney
    Rookie of the Year: Dan Kanter
    Most Dedicated: Stan Tasker
    Most Improved: Jeff Kurzweil
    Unsung Hero: John Rynak
    Co-President’s Award: Stan Tasker & John Rynak


    Congratulations to Judd and Anita Caulfield on their August wedding.

    Congratulations Roland & Jamie Beaudette for the birth of their healthy baby boy Kyle. Born at 11:52 on November 11, 7lb 2oz.

    Three former Old Gold President’s set to have babies in the spring/summer. Congratulations to Mike and Debbie Rooney and Jay and Carolyn Bourgeois who are expecting additions in April of 1999 and Jordan and Pam Hoy who are expecting in July.

    Congratulations to Ken Blanc and Kim Bourgeois who are set to tie the knot in the Fall. I am sure Uncle Kenny will have to watch out for head butts to the ankles from his future neice or nephew.

    Congratulations to Brian Lottridge and Catherine Warter as they set a wedding date for November 1999.

    Congratulations to Lawrence Losinsky and Lori Melanson are set to walk down the aisle New Year’s eve.

    Scoring Contest.

    Old Gold instituted a scoring contest this season. The top try score on the day was awarded $25 with the most tackles being used in the event of a tie. The overall winner has next season’s dues paid for by the club. After some controversy the rules were enforced. The scoring contest was won by our new Captain Brian Lottridge. His dues less CIPP ($25) are paid for by the club. I am sure our new Treasurer Stan Tasker will squeeze for him for a social contribution equaling the money not paid

    Brian Lottridge 1st place 50 pts (10 trys)
    Mike Rooney 2nd place 40 pts (8 trys)
    Stanley Beckett 3rd place 25 pts (5 trys)

    Game Summaries

    Old Gold RFC vs. Abercarn RFC, Sunday May 24th

    Game summary:

    The day started out beautifully as Old Gold was waiting for Abercarn to arrive. As they pulled up in a duck bus the 30 plus members of team Tom Burke stepped out. As I met with their captain “Billy Idol the Prop” I was extending Old Gold’s longstanding tradition of being social to touring sides by making the mistake of giving them unlimited substitutions.

    The game started out well with Old Gold recovering the kickoff and as the ball was passed to Mike Rooney he stepped inside his opposite number and scampered about 50 meters before one of the Old Gold backs knocked on the ball. For the first 10 minutes Old Gold kept the play in Abercarn’s end inching closer to the try zone. On a nice play between Mike Rooney and Jeremy Stashluk they were able thwart the defense and get off a nice pass to Trevor Roberts breaking down the wing to draw first blood. The conversion was made and Old Gold had a 7 nil lead. At this point Old Gold faltered allowing Abercarn into our end they were able to push through to score a try and tie up the score. Abercarn with some more fresh players scored on the wing but failed to make the conversion pushing their lead 12 to 7. We fought back as the forwards surged ahead retaining the ball as the backs got tied up. We took the ball of a maul Jonny May passed it to me and I stepped inside “Billy Idol the fly half” who wrapped up my legs I turned to see Jonny May and Mike Howard racing forward in support. I passed the ball to Jonny who scored the try uncontested. The conversion was made and Old Gold took the lead back 14 to 12. We continued to advance when Abercarn was called for a penalty and the kick was made giving us a 17 to 12 lead. As the half ended the scored remained the same. The second half started rather quickly and Old Gold was quickly on the defensive. The play was back and forth and Old Gold held the lead until the 20 minute mark when Abercarn eventually scored a couple of times taking the lead and the game.

    The Players on the day were:

    1) John Rynak (replaced by Jamie Donovan)
    2) Sam Glicksman (replaced by Stan Tasker)
    3) Don Crookes
    4) Matt Shafer
    5) Todd Lena
    6) Terry Crimmons
    7) Paul Murray
    8) Josh ULowell (replaced by John Rynak)
    9) Jonny May
    10) Doug DeMeritt (c)
    11) Mike Murphy
    12) Mike Rooney
    13) Mike Howard
    14) Trevor Roberts
    15) Jeremy Stashluk

    Cowbridge RFC – We traded well

    10 Good Men Tourney July 18th

    A’s vs Springfield win
    A’s vs Lowell Highlanders B’s win
    A’s vs Worcester B’s loss

    B’s vs WPI win
    B’s vs Lowell Highlander’s A’s loss
    B’s vs Worcester A’s loss


    A’s vs Mystic’s Loss
    B’s vs Worcester A’s Loss

    Saranac Lake August 1st and 2nd

    Loss to Motown (Motown finished #2 Club Division)
    Win over Mad River
    Loss to Burlington (Burlington finished #3 Club Division)

    Hartford Tourney

    Springfield Game Summary

    Old Gold started off the season opener very strongly against Springfield Saturday. The first 25 minutes was a grueling back and forth battle with old gold threatening often, but unable to strike convert on several scoring opportunities and missed 2 penalty kicks. Springfield finally broke a hole in our defense for the first try of the game. Unfortunately, they also broke a hole in old gold who pretty much lost heart and went into the half down 2 trys to nil. Things got worse in the second half as Springfield busted through gaps with no one in pursuit. Old gold avoided being blanked on a matt shafer try set up by dave bentley and old reliable, mike rooney. Unfortunately, no one seems to know the final score, but my best estimate is 34-7.

    Although we lost, there were definitely some bright spots. For one, I think we scared the hell out of them in the first half. Had we been able to convert on some scoring opportunities, it would have given us the boost we lacked. Secondly, we have improved by leaps and bounds from last year. We know have the skills, talent, fitness, and coaching necessary to win. All we are lacking is pride, desire, and faith in ourselves.

    The B-side match was much closer and featured both new and old faces. Andy Carter dominated play from number 8 and a new back (who was that kid???) who had never played rugby before made some outstanding runs and tackles. Old Boy Mike (sorry, didn’t catch your last name) made his return to OGRFC with some nice runs. The game was scoreless at half and Springfield wound up on top at the end, 12-0.

    Man-of-the-Match honors went to Matt Shafer for the A-side and Andy Carter for B-side.

    A-side Lineup

    1) Crookes
    12)Campbell (replaced by McCarthy)


    2)Tasker (replaced by Burke)
    3)Jeff Glhdiyealkdu
    5)New Guy from Framingham
    14)New Guy
    15)Mike ???

    Replacements: McGuire, Beckett, Shafer, Levitt

    If I missed anyone, erred seriously, or didn’t know your name, please email me so that I have all the info for the newsletter and webpage!

    Burlington Game Results

    Old Gold gave a horribly disappointing effort in Burlington this weekend. Burlington, fearing that the arrival of our new coach had inspired us to reach new levels of greatness, trained 5 days last week in anticipation of a tough battle. Meanwhile, a few old gold players met last tuesday for a little throw around and a couple more joined in on thursday.

    Burlington a lot Old Gold 0

    B-side results:

    see above and add 7 for old gold

    New Haven Game Summary

    Old Gold bounced back from a poor showing last week in Burlington and put together a much better effort against New Haven this week. Old Gold started off the match with a mission as Dan “the minister” Kanter stole away the opening kick off and New Haven was then penalized for diving over the top of a ruck. The kick for touch gave old gold a lineout at the 10 meter mark. The lineout was perfect but the ball was turned over on the second phase and New Haven was able to clear the ball, and thwart the Old Gold attack. New Haven then went on the attack, sucking in Gold’s forwards and scoring the first try of the game. The first half continued in pretty much the same manner with old gold playing well, put not converting on three opportunities inside the 22 and New Haven scoring by sucking us into the rucks and mauls and taking advantage of several missed tackles. Old Gold was also forced to play a man down for the last 10 minutes as Stan Tasker was sent to the “Sin Bin” for raking. The score at half was New Haven 24 Old Gold 0.

    Old Gold came out a little more fired up in the second half and scored a try when Rob Thomas put a pop kick into the try zone and Stanley Beckett put on chase and touched the ball down. New Haven came right back however and rolled a maul in for a try putting the score at 31 – 7. New Haven scored once more on a miscommunication between the outside centre and wing. Old Gold, finally a little pissed off, took the kick and played with a little more fire and Mike Rooney was able to score with 10 minutes left making the score 38 – 12. Unfortuantely old golds comeback hopes were thwarted, and the final score remained 38 -12.

    The overall analysis of the game is that Old Gold needs more fire and desire. We don’t run the ball with a mission and we look to take the ball into contact too much rather than keeping the ball alive. We blew many scoring opportuities. For every try NH scored, Old Gold missed and scoring opportunity.


    1) Rynak (replaced by Donovan)
    9)Jonny May
    10)Rob Thomas

    The B-side game was given to New Haven as Old Gold was unable to put any points on the board. New Haven 34 OGRFC 0.

    3)Bill Reynolds
    7)Joe Connors
    10)Jonny May

    Mike Rooney and Stanley Beckett tied in the try scoring contest with 1 a piece, but Mike was awarded the $25 since he had more tackles.

    Late fines:

    Looney (paid)
    Stanley (paid)
    Doug (paid)
    campbell (paid)
    capello (paid)
    shafer (paid)

    Missed game w/o notifying officer fine ($5):

    Murph (where were you??)

    Remember being late to practice is a 1$ fine. Missing practice and not notifying an officer is a $2 fine.

    We now have $6 in the fine kiddy and are still owed $11. All fine money will go towards a party at the end of the season.

    Worcester Game Summary

    I don’t really have much to say about Saturday’s game except that we lost (I don’t know the score), but we played hard and never gave up. We managed to find the try zone twice, 1 by Dave Bentley and 1 by Lotti. Unfortunately Worcester found the try zone a lot more times than we did.

    The B-side game was a hard fought match with the score going back and forth between Old Gold and Worcester several times, but Worcester ending up on top. Tries were scored by Lotti, Stanley Beckett and Matt Shafer.

    The toughest part of the schedule is over and it’s now time to win. The next game summary I write will speak of nothing but victory for Old Gold. Let’s get ready for Newport!

    Newport Game Results

    Old Gold traveled to that favorite of all away game cities saturday to participate in Mud Bowl ‘98. The rain was torrential, the mud ankle high… it was a beautiful day for rugby.

    Old Gold stepped onto the field eager for their first win of the season. Newport came out strong however and quickly drove down the field for the first score of the game. OG collected pulled itself together and made it clear that we had not come to Newport to be pushed around. Donny Crookes soon tied up the game with his virgin try from the prop forward position and started the grueling battle. Most of the game was played with old gold on the attack, scoring a total of 3 well earned tries (Crookes, Rooney, and Burke). Old Gold handed one too many to Newport however, handing another loss to Old Gold, 25-21.

    1. Crookes
    2. Tasker
    3. Rynak
    4. Kanter
    5. Shafer (replaced by Daylor)
    6. Looney
    7. Lottridge
    8. Borzumato
    9. May
    10. Thomas
    11. Burke
    12. Rooney
    13. Campbell
    14. Beckett
    15. Capello

    Unfortunately I’m having difficulty remembering the specifics on the b-side game. As usual, many players were playing their second game of the day and Newport handily took the victory. Two new ruggers made their first appearances in the game: Go Yoshinami took control of the game at scrum half and Jimbo “high-five” broke his cherry at wing. Old boy Bill Reynolds also made the trip in preparation for this weeks old boy’s match with Boston Gentlemen. Jonny May scored a try in the B-side game… I don’t recall any others (let me know if I’m wrong!!). The day was capped off with a little skinny dipping (although I didn’t see to much skinniness) in the harbor after the match.

    Players on the day included:

    Bill Reynolds
    Sam Glickman
    Dan “Preacher” Kanter
    Gary “The Dude” Fleischman
    Jim Borzumato
    Tom Burke
    Geoff Kurzweil
    Go Yoshinami
    Rob Thomas
    Jimbo “High-five”
    Jonny May

    Charles River Game Summary & Boston Gentlemen vs Old Boy’s

    Old Gold got it’s first league win of the year this weekend by giving Charles River a well deserved spanking on saturday. It was a beautiful day for rugby as old gold brought together 3 sides of dominance, 2 against Charles River and an old boy’s side against Boston Gentlemen.

    The A-side game started a little sloppy with Old Gold getting nailed with a number of penalties in the opening minutes and the rats made a penalty kick to take an early 3 point lead. This only pissed us off more and Old Gold quickly struck back with trys by Rob Thomas, Brian Lottridge, and Tom Burke to go up 17-3. Charles River managed to take advantage of an old gold error toward the 20 minute mark and Jonny May added another try before the half to give old gold a 22 – 10 lead at half.

    Old Gold continued their dominance in the second half with trys by Stanley Beckett, Tom Burke and Brian Lottridge and 3 penalty kicks by Rob Thomas. Charles River managed to squeak in another try after a kicking duel between the full backs. All in all, it was a good thrashing and an excellent start to the day with a 50 -15 victory. Man of the match honors went to Brian Lottridge.

    A-side Lineup Tackles
    1) Donny Crookes 8
    2) Stan Tasker 7
    3) Ryno 8
    4) Dan Kanter 7
    5) Shafer 12
    6) Looney 8
    7) Lottridge 9
    8) Borzumato 6
    9) May 3
    10) Thomas 3
    11) Burke 3
    12) Rooney 7
    13) Campbell 6
    14) Beckett 7
    15) Capelo 5

    The B-side game was a continuation and escalation of the thrashing, as Charles River only barely had 15 for the a-side game and Old Gold’s B-side (helped out by few old boys) soundly defeated Charles River 52 – 17. Trys were scored by Matt Greene, Gary “the Dude” Fleischman, Geoff Millerd (who had the game of his life), Ryan Sutton, Neil Herlocher, Neil Livett, and Stanley Beckett. Jim Borzumato is a traitor and played for charles river… he will not be selected this week. Man of the match honors went to Jeff Kurzweil for his excellent play at prop.

    B-Side Lineup

    1) Kurzweil
    2) Jesus (replaced by Doc Bob)
    3) Bill Reynolds
    4) Matt Greene
    5) Kenny
    6) Gary “the dude” Fleischman
    7) Joe Conners
    8) Jim Daylor
    9) Go “Yanky my Wanky” Yoshinami
    10) Millerd
    11) Sutton
    12) Herlocher
    13) Jonny May (replaced by Livett)
    14) Judd
    15) Beckett

    The old boy’s put on the best show of the day playing some superb rugby that gave our young A’s and B’s quite a lesson (that’s how it should be, right?). Unfortunately I’ve only been with the club and am not familiar with too many people, so Squeak will be providing a detailed write-up. Mike Skiotis (sp??) lead the side with 4 trys and was awarded the $25 bounty. He was accompanied in the try zone by Bill Reynolds, Zbiegnew Kisinski, Terry Crimmons, Dave Censario, and twice by Matt Taylor. The Gentlemen but together a try right before the final whistle to avoid the schneid, 54-5.

    Portland Game Summary

    Old Gold suffered a questionable loss to Portland Saturday by a score of 35 -27. It was a hard fought back and forth game with Portland coming out on top thanks in part to 2 poor calls by the referee giving Portland penalties well inside the 5 meter mark, both of which resulted in uncontested trys by the scrum half. Old Gold played half the game a man down as well, due to sharp stomppin’ Jonny May unintentionally laying the boots on a Portland players head. Trys were scored by Rob Thomas (2), Gary “the Dude” Fleischman, and Mike Rooney.

    1) Crookes
    2) Tasker
    3) Rynak
    4) Daylor
    5) Shafer
    6) Looney (replaced by Go Yoshinami)
    7) Lotti
    8) The Dude (1 try)
    9) Jonny May (sent off)
    10) Thomas (2 trys)
    11) Rooney (1 try)
    12) Sutton
    13) Capello
    14) Beckett
    15) Burke

    The B-side game was a close contest as well with Portland coming out on top 15-7. The game was high-lighted by Ryno scoring his first try this decade by rolling into the try zone and laying on top of the ball and also by ‘bruiser” Millsy stepping in to defend a helpless Go when his impersonation of a punching bag went a little too far.

    1) Kurzweil
    2) Glickman
    3) Rynak
    4) Dude
    5) Big Sean
    6) Tasker (replaced by Sutton)
    7) Lottridge
    8) Shafer
    9) Go
    10) Millerd
    11) Campbell
    12) Beckett
    13) Judd
    14) Capello
    15) Jimbo ‘High Five’


    2 Wins details to follow

    top.gif (1893 bytes)

    Lowell Game Summary

    Old Gold rolled over the Lowell Highlanders saturday 54 – 17. Lowell took an early lead by scoring a try in the opening minutes, which awakened a sleeping monster. Old Gold rolled from there to quickly and permanently recapture the lead. Lowell was dominated in all facets of the game – scrums were little more than bent over sprints for our pack (free elevator rides for the lowell front row!) and loose play was often comprised of 4 and 5 phases with most of our side touching the ball at some point. All of our lineouts were handled by the Preacher at jumping at 2 (and a good number of theirs). I couldn’t keep track of all the trys scored, but most of the back line had at least 1 a piece as well as the back row. I’d like to point out those who played exceptionally well, but everyone played well and as a team.

    1. Crookes
    2. Tasker
    3. Rynak
    4. Kanter
    5. Shafer
    6. The Dude
    7. Lotti
    8. Daylor
    9. Go
    10. Thomas
    11. May
    12. Rooney
    13. Campbell
    14. Beckett
    15. Capello

    Lowell was unable to field a B-side, but we coaxed them into a friendly game of 10’s in preparation for next years tournament. The score once again was 52 to 5 not nearly that much. As for try scoring, Lotti had every other one (total of 6). It was ruled by the try scoring committee that trys scored here will not count towards the contest. (THIS IS BEING REVIEWED)

    Players on the day included:
    High Five
    Barry Nutter

    Babson Old Boy’s Game Summary

    The day started out well as we slowly waited for Babson team to arrive. The first half was a little bit chippy as the Babson Forwards frustrated their Old Gold counterparts with they illegal play. Old Gold was reacting to most every play with whining an complaining. Babson spoiled most of the first half by taking Old Gold out of the team concept. Babson finally scored on a break away taking an early 7 nil lead. Old Gold was able settle down and maintain most of the play in the Babson end but unable to score. The second half lead to some better play Old Gold was finally able to break through and score but Babson came back and score to take the lead back. Old Gold was finally able to score a couple of more times and break the game open. The game ended with Old Gold walking off in a close victory in which everyone played.

    Players on the day:

    1. Donnie “The Stretch master” Crookes
    2. Sam “Not in Straight” Glicksman
    3. Jeff “Ryno watch were you are putting your head” Kurziel
    4. John “No push” Rynak
    5. Jim “No license” Borzumto
    6. Gary “The Dude” Fleischman
    7. Brian “ooh that number 10″ Lottridge
    8. Tom “I am a forward” Burke
    9. Jim “This is last time I set up the field” Daylor
    10. Go “Go” Yoshima
    11. Doug “Flash” DeMeritt
    12. Rob “I miss Stan” Thomas
    13. Mike “faux forward” Rooney
    14. Ryan “Wolf boy” Sutton
    15. Jeff “I brought the beer” Campbell
    16. Barry “America’s most wanted” Nutty
    17. Jim “High Five”
    18. Stanley “I brought my chick” Beckett
    19. Tom “New guy” English
    20. Geoff “Mills” Millerd