Amoskeg Game Results

May 2, 2006

Guest Written by the Man of the Match, Tim Ward: We had 9 guys, one guy from St A’s showed up at some point in the first half, they had 17. So we played 15 on 12 (after st A kid showed up). First half: overview: Old Gold did not score and Amoskeg scored many times on overloads at the sides. It seems having a few extra guys helps to create overload oppotunities. Score at the end of the first ; nothing to a lot (i think we can tell who had what score there). 2nd half: Initially, we had decided to play two 20 minute halves of 10s, which was agreed upon before the kickoff and made sense. Just before the start of the second half (or what we thought was the beginning of a tens match, their coach came over and said, “so, shall we do that again?” We looked at him with disbelief and offered our thoughts that we were going to play some 10s. “No” he offered, “i think it worked ok in the first half, so we can do that again, we’ll just play 35 minutes”. Old Gold looked around and complied with, “whatever you want to do I guess, we still only have 12 guys though” Their coach seemed to think that was fair, asked us to “punch it up the middle on his guys b/c he wanted to see what they were made of”, smiled and walked back to his team. As we took the field he could be heard screaming at his team that they should be “scoring at will on us every time they touch the ball” and that we were “not good enough to tie their shoes…” Second half recap: they worked on their mauls, which we defended faily well, then they spun it out wide and with the overload, scored rather easily. This happened quite often. Although Old Gold managaed some great running and with some pod plays, we were able to get it close and Grande got the ball at about the 10 and deeked and jived his way into the try zone. His attemped drop kick had the juice but the wind sent it wide. Score at the whistle: A lot to a try (but i beleive that try burst their coaches bubble of a shut out, so that was nice.) Some things to note: (this will have to do as the highlight section) We kept our yaps shut and just played

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rugby without complaining and the ref seemed to appreciate that: towards the end of the game, after about the 38th forward pass for Amoskeg, he called them on it, very rewarding. Our pack did very well and was not driven back and we stole some of their put ins (or whatever they are called). We did not argue with ourselves or the ref (the second part is worth reiterating). We kept our heads up the entire time, even after the game turned into what felt like Simi treats with us fetching the ball after each try/kick and bringing it back to kick off. Kick offs were also quite good as Jenko was able to place them nicely about 12 meters in towards the sideline, allowing us to regain some of those. Grande, who not only scored with aplomb, managed to have the ref not provide Amoskeg their requested minute: towards the end of the second half with Old GOld down by the greater part of infinity and an Amoskeg line out about to happen, one if their backs requested a minute to tie his laces. The ref granted it at which point Grande asked, “what, you guys cant play us with only two extra players?” To which the ref said good point, play on. Well done Grande. Drink up was rather quiet, there were plenty of tickets for all to have a few more beers than they expected (last time we saw tickets, s shore gave each of us one (1, an integer greater than zero but less than two) and we expected to be buying our beers, but that was not the case and fun was had by all. The food was fried jalepeno slices, potato puffs, some sort of bread sticks, and some spinach wafer things. Beatty played a great game of Deer Hunter until Grande pointed out that it was not “Fat chick hunter” and Beatty seemed to lose interest. All in all, score not withstanding, it was a fun day for those who showed. Special thanks to the vehicle of Alex, Yves, Horse and Toomey for paying the tolls on rt3 for Trevor and me.