December 1997 Newsletter

December 29, 1997

Volume 3 Issue 1
December 1997
Web Page:
Old Gold RFC
PO Box 540225
Waltham, MA 02454-0225
Secretary – Doug DeMeritt

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  • Old Gold Rugby Annual Christmas Party

    The Christmas Party will be held at the Best Western TLC in Waltham, Saturday December 20th, at 7:00pm
    $30 Per person
    $55 Per couple
    Feel free to invite friends
    Response needed ASAP to Establish a head count
    Please call Brian Lottridge to reply by the 12th.
    (H) 781.231.9041
    (W) 978.250.7165
    or Hot-line 508.429.2303
    The Best Western TLC is located at 477 Totten Pond Road, Waltham. To get there
    take 128 to the Totten Pond Road Exit. 781.890.7800 if you get lost.

    We are planning on getting a gym in the Waltham area. Starting in January after the new year. Please call the Hot-Line 508.429.2303 for more information. If we don't get the numbers in the first couple of weeks we will cancel.

    Hi everyone, please join me in congratulating the Old Gold RFC 1998 Club Officers voted in at last nights AGM. Also, I would like to say thanks for the 1997 officers that will be stepping down this year. Also, special thanks to Jonny May, Jim Daylor and Tom Burke who have been appointed to head up Old Gold's recruiting committee.

    President: Doug DeMeritt
    Captain: Stan Tasker
    Vice Captain: Jeff Campbell
    Treasurer: Geoff Millerd
    Secretary: Matt Shafer
    Match Secretary: John Rynak
    Field Committee: Jim Daylor
    Social Secretary: Brian Lottridge
    Selector: Tom McGuire
    Ombudsman: Rob Thomas

      Spring 1998 Schedule:

    3/14 Lansdown 15's tourney Away – NY, NY
    3/21 OPEN
    3/28 Danbury RFC Away
    4/4 Mad River RFC/MIT Home
    4/11 Portland RFC Away
    4/15 Wed Night Recruiting Match
    4/18 Charles River Away
    4/22 Wed Night Recruiting Match
    4/25 Newport RFC Home
    4/29 Wed Night Recruiting Match
    5/2 Village Lions RFC Away
    5/9 NERFU TOURNEY Away – Newport, RI
    5/16 Brian Cody Memorial Family Day
    Springfield RFC Home
    6/27 Mad River 15's Away – Stow, VT
    7/18 10 Good Men Tourney Acton/Ft Devens TBD
    8/1-8/2 Saranac Lake Tourney
    8/19-8/23 –OR–
    8/26-830 Thursday – Rugby Olympique club De Quebec, Quebec City
    Friday/Saturday – Montreal Wanderers RFC, Montreal
    St Lamberts Locks, Montreal


    Old Gold takes the Ten Good Men Tourney by storm.

    The food tent was hopping as Jordan Hoy, Pam Forkey, Geoff Millerd, Michelle Millerd, Debbie Rooney, Sheila Depolo, Catherine Warter and Lynn McNamee (Tee Shirt Provider) kept the grill and the cash box working. On behalf of Old Gold I want to thank them for manning the tent while the rest of Old Gold was playing. A special thanks goes to Bailey and MacKenzie Millerd for hard selling the tee shirts. Though just 6 and 2 years old Bailey and MacKenzie did a terrific job convincing many a tournament participant to buy one of the one of a kind tee shirts.

    Regular Games

    The A side appeared well on their way to repeating as 10's champions. They won their first two games easily against Berkshire and Springfield. This put Old Gold easily into the quarter finals.

    The B side had a little different perspective playing a close game but losing to Worcester B's. After which the B's entertained Old Crimson but came up a little short. The B's final match was a heart breaking loss against the Boston Gentlemen.

    The Old Boy's captained by Terry (I have your phone number) Crimmons played well with a core group of Terry, Mike Skiotis, John Campbell, Bill Reynolds and Guy Holappa. There was some nice play as Old Gold lost close games to Brookline High Old Boys and the Irish Wolfhounds. In the Brookline High game Ski hit a player late but used his head to take some punches that eventually got the player ejected.


    In the quarter finals Old Gold took to the field after having a nice layoff against Worcester B's and disposing of them quickly. The next game had Old Gold pitted against Worcester A's it appeared to go back and forth but Worcester slowly pulled ahead the highlight of the game was the brawl at the end of the game that had a Worcester player ejected for punching Mike Rooney in the head. I
    hope he didn't hurt his hand.

    Worcester was able to win the tournament easily over the Brookline High Old Boy's.

    Final Standings Men's

    1. Worcester A
    2. Brookline High Old Boy's
    3. Old Gold A
    3. Springfield
    5. Old Gold B
    5. Old Gold Old Boy's


    1. Beantown
    2. Boston
    3. Boston B's
    4. Beantown B's

    Old Gold Players

    1) Jack Allen
    2) Mike Bass
    3) Ken Blanc
    4) Dave Brabeck
    5) Tom Burke
    6) Ivan Calhoun
    7) Jeff Campbell
    8) John Campbell
    9) Jason Capello
    10) Judd Caulfield
    11) Joe Connors
    12) Terry Crimmons
    13) Doug DeMeritt
    14) Matt Greene
    15) Guy Holappa
    16) Rob Kemp
    17) Brian Lottridge
    18) Andy MacGreggor
    19) Jonny May
    20) Tom McGuire
    21) Bill Reynolds
    22) Mike Rooney
    23) Matt Schaffer
    24) Mike Siciliano
    25) Mike Skiotis
    26) Stan Tasker
    27) Brian Walsh
    28) Eric Wheeler
    29) Jean-Marc “Frenchy” Maujean

    Old Gold Non-Players not mentioned

    1) Dave Jacobs
    2) Jeff Linehan
    3) Mike Murphy
    4) Dave Poulin
    5) Darren Trembly

    Saranac Lake

    The weekend started out well as we paired up in the two vans to Saranac at the Alumni House at the Law School Campus of BC.

    Brick hands returneth.
    Yes, our little pale friend Roland decided to pay the club a visit this week. He showed up for practice and showed tremendous hand to eye coordination as the first 300 attempts at receiving a pass were knocked on. But all kidding aside it was good to have Roland on hand to return to the seen of his greatest accomplishment. “Has any one seen Magnet I have a slight problem with the sink in this room.”

    As we waited for the final stragglers to show up we were smart and sent Jonny May off to get refreshing cocktails for the group. Veterans to rookies had that look if fear/confidence as they awaited for what this years fun would bring. Would we encounter the Judo Champion of the Empire State Games, would we be going to dinner at the steak restaurant in town, would we jump off of roofs like superman, or just dance at Mudpuddles with crutches in the air.

    The van assignments were determined and with the mixture of ages in both vans the vans were separated by size:

    Rhyno's small red van
    John “Free Willie” Rynak
    Jeff “Pin Ball” Campbell
    Jeff “Mr. Adjective” Linehan
    Eric “Mr. Happy” Wheeler
    Derek “The Stalker” Yimoyines

    Stan's large blue van
    Stan “Whose your daddy?” Tasker
    Roland “The Streaker” Beaudette
    Doug “One Fat Head?” DeMeritt
    Brian “Homophobe” Lottridge
    Andy “I'm going to puke” MacGreggor
    Tom “Sleepy” Burke
    Josh “Side Salad”
    Mike “Black plague”
    Jonny “I'm Hungry” May
    “Frenchy” “I want to lick you” Maujean
    Judd “ET Phone Home” Caulfield

    Millerd Family Car
    Geoff “Self-designated team prick” Millerd
    Jim “Mr. Positive” Daylor

    We decided to separate on the way up as some wanted to take the scenic way through VT and others wanted to take the most efficient way through Albany. The Blue van was flying along at the skillful hands of “I want to lick you” as we made our way through upstate New York. “The Streaker” was skillfully working the Gatorade bottle pissing off people as he was dumping it out in rush our traffic in Albany. After a quick stop in upstate New York for some fast food and flush toilets we were on the way with “The Streaker” at the helm. With some close calls we coasted safely to a stop at the Woodlake Motor Inn at about 9:30 p.m. As room assignments were given out we prepared to unload the van. About 30 minutes later the little van pulled up very hungry. We collected everyone and headed on the long walk to Mudpuddles. We arrived at the welcome site of the plush Lake Placid drinking and dancing emporium. We drank and danced through the night after which we collected our drunks (Old Gold never leaves their men behind) and headed to the next bar Rumors on the walk back to the hotel. After that it was on to the Black Bear for a little early morning steak and eggs with jalapeno's

    7:30 revelry was blown by “Free Willie” as everyone was roused out of their slumber. Some woke easily while others proved to have died the night before. After a few moments of CPR “Pin Ball”, “I'm going to puke”, “The Stalker” and “I'm going to puke” were raised unhappily from the dead. We proceeded to shower and bath in whatever body of water was the closest. As the cobwebs were cleared we boarded the vans for a long quiet trip to field 1 to face Manhattan RFC.

    The game started out well with “The Streaker” knocking on an up and under that Manhattan was able to run in for a try. As the half ended Manhattan was clinging to a 10 to nil lead. As the second half started Old Gold was no where in site as Manhattan started to gain momentum. In the end it was a close victory by the boys from NYC over the hometown squad. One of the many highlights was “Mr.Positive” reinforcing “Pin Ball” and “Homophobe” with some nice words. At the end it was the “Self-Designated Team Prick” busy self-designating…

    1) “Free Willie”
    2) “Side Salad”
    3) “I want to lick you”
    4) “The Stalker”
    5) “Mr. Happy”
    6) J.J. from Ohio
    7) “Black plague”
    8) “Mr. Positive”
    9) “I'm Hungry”
    10) “One Fat Head?”
    11) “The Streaker”
    12) “Pin Ball” (c)
    13) “Homophobe”
    14) “Sleepy”
    15) “Self-designated team prick”

    4:00 p.m. our second game of the day against the Canadians and a team called Beaconsfield. We started out well keeping the play in Beaconsfield's end. Play was going back and forth but Beaconsfield was able to score on a slight overload. The game ended with a slight lead to the Canadians. With competition over Old Gold raced back to the Woodlake to get in some more serious drinking by the pool.

    1) Kevin
    2) “Side Salad”
    3) Brian
    4) “Mr. Positive”
    5) “Mr. Happy”
    6) “The Stalker” (replaced by J.J. from Ohio)
    7) “I want to lick you”
    8) “Black plague”
    9) “I'm Hungry”
    10) “One Fat Head?”
    11) “ET Phone Home” (replaced by “The Streaker”)
    12) “Pin Ball” (c)
    13) “Homophobe”
    14) “I'm going to puke” (replaced by unknown)
    15) “Self-designated team prick”

    Saturday night we headed out to a local restaurant for some ribs. This allowed us to take a breather before going out to Mudpuddles. The night contained the same mischief as many stayed until the wee hours of the morning Jordan would have been proud.

    Sunday am. The usual arguments with the owner of the Woodlake ensued as we questioned our bill. After some confusion Old Gold split the difference and we loaded up the vans. Some headed for Saranac while others headed home. The large van headed for field 4 to watch Severn River (Frank from last year) play against the mighty ducks from Canada in the B division consolation final. The play was back and for until Frank kicked the ball to a waiting duck and we all watched as the wing raced in for the try. The game ended with Severn River losing a close one. Old Gold then headed for the Championship pitch. We arrived after the Beantown Women's finished off the TWOTS, damn. We stayed until we saw New Haven lose a heart breaker on a field goal as time ran out in the Club Division Finals.

    The ride back was eventful and the drinking games commenced which proceeded to separate the men from the boys. We arrived in Worcester for A Cup night at the big P. The rest of the ride was uneventful as the large van collided to a stop at the BC alumni house at about 12:30. Some even kept the night going as they took the van own their private party to the Beacon Hill Pub.

    Till next year.

    Providence vs. Old Gold Saturday August 23rd.

    The day started out well as the sun decided to stick its head out of the clouds from two days of rain. We took to the field a unit of 15. Ready to battle our former division one foe. As we played over the first few minutes there was some break downs as the boys from the suburb of MA were able to score. This was a day however to work out the kinks that had collected from a tough summer off.. The end of the game had Providence scoring a come from behind try to win the match. “Just keep smiling boys”

    1. Rynak
    2. Smith
    3. Walsh
    4. Howard
    5. Daylor
    6. Tasker (c)
    7. Rooney
    8. Calhoun
    9. May
    10. Millerd
    11. Burke
    12. Meoutis
    13. Lottridge
    14. Roberts
    15. Thomas

    The B side showed some spark as they were able to push the score on a nice play from Geoff Millerd to Mike Rooney to Brian Lottridge for the 40 meter try. Trevor Roberts got into the act with a nice try of his own. As the half ended the score was knotted up. Providence got worried and decided to stock their B side with fresh A side players. Old Gold played valiantly but the heat got to us as Providence had a close one point victory.

    1. Rynak
    2. Tasker (replaced by Smith)
    3. Crookes
    4. Howard
    5. Shafer
    6. Yimoyines
    7. Rooney (replaced by Tasker)
    8. Daylor
    9. May
    10. DeMeritt (c)
    11. MacGreggor
    12. Meoutis
    13. Lottridge (replaced by Roberts, replaced by Rooney)
    14. Burke
    15. Millerd (replaced by Thomas)

    The drink up was fine as many an Old Golder chowed on the food. Most went home while a select few decided to check out the local talent at the Foxy Lady. It was at this time new Old Gold coach Andrew Ford felt the most at home as he proceeded to work on tactics for Burlington while waving dollars. Frenchy was heard saying “I'm from Australia not New Jersey!!” Another successful day…

    September 6th, Old Gold vs. Burlington. The day was a less than perfect for rugby as the sun beat down on the dry hard pitch. The first few minutes were back and forth as both teams were feeling each other out. Burlington drew first blood on a try and then a few minutes later Tom McGuire score off of the second phase from a penalty. From that point on till about 35 minutes into the half the score remained knotted at 5 all. Burlington eventually wore down the defense and scored a couple of trys before the half ended. In the second half there were some nice runs by Captain Jeff Campbell but this was not Old Gold's day as Burlington squeaked out a close victory 61 to 5.

    1. Rynak
    2. Tasker
    3. Crookes
    4. Shea
    5. Daylor
    6. McGuire
    7. Rooney
    8. Taylor
    9. May
    10. DeMeritt
    11. Caulfield
    12. Campbell (c)
    13. Lottridge
    14. Burke
    15. Howard

    The B game was much more interesting as Terry Crimmons fresh from his Acton 10's injury made an appearance in the back line. Old Gold took the early the lead and which remained until the end of the 1st half. The second half was back and forth but Burlington finally wore down the hometown boys in the end. Burlington 22 Old Gold 10.

    1. Walsh
    2. Maujean
    3. Howard/Dumpster
    4. Connolly
    5. Shafer
    6. Murphy
    7. Day
    8. Connors
    9. Murphy
    10. Lloyd
    11. May/Caulfield
    12. Kilgannon
    13. Crimmons
    14. McNeal
    15. Lottridge/Burke

    Old Gold Women's (a.k.a. Boston Women's RFC B's) vs. Burlington Women's. I am taking a few liberties forgive me Amy. Old Gold Women's from the start dominated the women from the north.

    1. Ms. Mike Siciliano
    2. Woman
    3. Woman
    4. Ms. Ken Blanc
    5. Woman
    6. Woman
    7. Woman
    8. Woman
    9. Woman
    10. Noel
    11. Ms. Al McCarthy
    12. Ms. Neil Herlocher
    13. Ms. Jay Capello
    14. Ms. Dave Brabeck
    15. Woman

    The day also brought news of another Old Golder about to take the matrimonial plunge. More details to follow, stay tuned..

    Worcester September 13th. The day started out poorly as players were unable to find Franklin Park causing a bit of shuffling of the A Side. In walks the old reliable himself making an A game start in over 4 years. Yes, Neil Herlocher took the pitch at inside center. The day started out well with the first play off the kickoff was a skip the inside. The first few minute had Gold on the
    defensive as Worcester tried to break the defense. After a few minutes Worcester finally broke the defensive line and scored. The play for the rest of the game went back and forth with Worcester scoring and Old Gold not. The one Old Gold try came as Mike Rooney touched the ball down with his head. In the end Worcester had the game.

    1. Rynak
    2. Meaujean
    3. Crookes
    4. Shea
    5. Daylor
    6. McGuire
    7. Tasker (c)
    8. Rooney (replaced by Howard)
    9. May
    10. DeMeritt
    11. Thomas
    12. Herlocher (replaced by Campbell)
    13. Kilgannon (replaced by Burke)
    14. Brewer
    15. Millerd

    The B game was much better as the side put out was competitive. In the end Old Gold lost a close one.

    1. Donovan
    2. Corvi
    3. Crookes
    4. Mcguire
    5. Shafer
    6. Johnson
    7. Crimmons
    8. Howard
    9. Murphy
    10. Whelan
    11. ULowell
    12. Herlocher
    13. Burke
    14. Caulfield
    15. Kemp (replaced by Thomas)

    Newport Saturday September 20th

    The a side started poorly as Newport was able to score two tries without conversions. Gold struck back with a penalty kicking making the score 10 to 3. Newport pushed the score to 15 to 3 with another unconverted try at the half. The next half had Old Gold on the offensive as Mike Rooney scored a break away try and Rob Thomas scored on some nice play from the backs. Old Gold took the lead 18 to 15. We played hard but Newport wore down the defense and scored another try 20 to 18. In the end Gold was pressing but Newport scored the backbreaking
    try in the end it was Newport 27 Old Gold 18.

    1. Rynak
    2. Meaujean (replaced by Howard)
    3. Crookes
    4. Shea
    5. Daylor (replaced by Greg)
    6. Tasker
    7. Mcguire
    8. Rooney
    9. May
    10. Millerd
    11. Burke
    12. Campbell (c)
    13. Lottridge
    14. Caulfield
    15. Thomas

    The B side was a little different as the more experience Newport forwards kept Old Gold on the heels. Old Gold played hard but Newport Bs were able to wear down the defense and score often. The highlight of the game was Old Gold pressing at the end and scored at try. Newport ^&&%$%$# Old Gold 7.

    1. Donovan
    2. Corvi
    3. Jim
    4. Shafer
    5. McGuire
    6. Crimmons
    7. Day
    8. Howard
    9. Murphy
    10. DeMeritt (c)
    11. Caulfield
    12. Lloyd
    13. Capello
    14. Burke
    15. Campbell (replaced by Millerd)

    9/27 Portland. Two close losses.

    Saturday October 10th, Charles River RFC. From what the secretary

    For those of you that likes to play on Hormel Field the Rats have pulled a fast one by moving their home pitch up to Ipswich at the Polo Grounds on Rt. 133. After an hour drive to Ipswich the team started getting ready at the pitch. We watched at the retarded Rats set up the cross bars that looked like a Capital A. As the game started out poorly as Charles River took the kick off down the wing to score the first try. This ended Full Back Rob Thomas's day as he pulled a hamstring.
    Old Gold settled in worked the play down the Charles River's end. Mike Rooney stole a line out and passed it to myself who passed it down the line as Brian Lottridge broke through the Rat back line to score the try. Old Gold 5 Rats 5. The rest of the half was back and for as the score remained 5 all. The second half was still anyone's game as the play reflected. Charles River was
    able to break down the defense and get two quick scores. With Old Gold down by 10 we kept pressing. As Frenchy barreled at the try zone he was stopped. I came in to take the ball off Frenchy while trying to scoot sideways I saw the try zone I went for it just then I saw a very large Rat. The Fatty hit me hard and clean. As he crushed my side I could feel bones compressing as he continued through the hit he lifted me off the ground and drove me on my back as he landed on me to add insult to injury. As I lay on the pitch making some nice sounds as I tried to get some air back in my lungs. As I got to the side of the pitch I could feel things moving around as I breathed. I went to the Hospital up the street I met Tom Burke who was there from a Jim Daylor injury to his head. Tommy got stitched up and headed back to the pitch as soon as he convinced the Doctor
    that he did not have a concussion he was just little slow.. The X-rays were in 2 fractured ribs (actually 4 after further review) as I sat in nice comfortable bed as my teammates took turns telling me jokes.. Brian Lottridge showed up after the B game for some stitches as Old Gold turned Cable Hospital into the drink up. We ended up losing from the reports 36 to 5, and the B was a tie. I hate the fucking Rats!!!

    1. Rynak
    2. Meaujean
    3. Crookes
    4. Shafer (replaced by Daylor)
    5. Shea
    6. Tasker
    7. Donovan
    8. Rooney
    9. May
    10. DeMeritt (replaced by Steve)
    11. Burke (Replaced by ULowell)
    12. Campbell (c)
    13. Lottridge
    14. Capello
    15. Thomas (replaced by Caulfield)

    10/11 New Haven Two Close losses

    10/12 Pub Crawl, some minor casualties but no losses..

    10/18 Schenectady Won by forfeit and then played a close game against Amoskeag

    10/25 Brothers/MIT rained hard was unable to determine scores. The night was another huge success at the Northeast Brew Pub.

    11/1 Springfield two close losses.

    11/8 Harvard Business School one close loss followed by Jonny May's wedding. Congratulations to Jonny and Kerry May. Thanks for the open bar.

    11/15 Successful recruiting games