June 1998 Newsletter

December 29, 1998

Volume 1 Issue 1 June 1998
Web Page: www.oldgoldrugby.com
Old Gold RFC
PO Box 540225
Waltham, MA 02454-0225
Secretary -Matt Shafer

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  • Results of Spring 1998 Season

    Lansdowne Tourney
    Wilmington, DE Lost 0 to 10
    Danbury, CT II Won 17 to 0
    Kutztown, PA Won by forfeit
    Morris, NJ Won 8 to 0

    Danbury RFC Lost 24 to 10
    MIT RFC Won 38 to 15
    Portland RFC Lost 7 to a lot
    Charles River Lost
    Newport RFC Lost 21 to 30
    Village Lions, NY Won 32 to 17
    Irish Wolfhounds B's Won 46 to 10

      NERFU Tournament

    Burlington RFC Lost
    Portland RFC Won
    Mystic River B's Lost14 to 24

    Two New Corporate Sponsorships Acquired
    Old Gold Rugby Club is proud to announce it's sponsorship by Jack Daniel's of Lynchburg, Tennessee

    Jack Daniels

    and Boddington's Pub Ale, The Cream of Manchester, England.

    Both generous sponsors have made it possible for the club to purchase a new set of jerseys, which were unveiled at the Brian Cody Memorial Family Day, as well as plenty of ale, whiskey, and courage! Special thanks to Martin Miller, the Boddington's pour boy and Old Gold Winger; Bruce Ballerstead of Jack Daniel's; and Allison Jones and the Jack Daniel's girls for a wonderful victory party in Newport.

    A Special Thanks to Old Gold Contributors

    Old Gold Rugby Club would like to thank the following people who have contributed to the club as social members. It was by your contributions that Old Gold was able to offset the costs of recruiting, which we are already reaping the rewards of, as new players are constantly contacting Old Gold. A donation was also made in Old Gold's name to the Newton Summer Youth Program. This donation will help Old Gold build a better relationship with the community. Below is a listing of the contributors whom are also displayed proudly on the Old Gold web site under the Old Boy page.

    Gold Plus Level

    1.Ken Blanc
    2.Dave Censorio
    3.Dr. Robert Demling

    Gold Level

    1. David O'Hara
    2. Jim “Ben” Fogerty
    3. Terry O'Donnell & Frank Tessitore (combined)
    4. James Axon

    Silver Level

    1. Tom Thornton

    Social Level

    1. Paul Antognoni
    2. Roland Beaudette
    3. Dr. Michael Brabeck
    4. Bob Collier
    5. Ken Davis
    6. Andrew Deacon
    7. Mike Elliott
    8. Dave Filipek
    9. Pat Flaherty
    10. Guy Holappa
    11. Dave Jacobs
    12. Stu Jones
    13. Scott Pfeffer
    14. Bill Stanton
    15. Henry Ward
    16. Andrew Deacon
    17. Joe McDonagh
    18. Jim Materra
    $100 Gold
    $50 Silver
    Under $50 Social Level

    For those of you whom wish to contribute, please contact President Doug DeMeritt. Your donations and feedback to the club are greatly appreciated.

    Congratulations to the following 1997 Old Gold Award winners

    Most Valuable Player Mike Rooney
    Rookie of the Year Don Crookes
    Most Dedicated Brian Lottridge
    Most improved Matt Shafer
    Unsung Hero Stan Tasker
    Presidents Award Doug DeMeritt

    Old Gold to Host Ten Good Men Tourney

    Old Gold will once again be hosting this year's Ten Good Men tournament, July 18th. We will be fielding two sides as well as an Old Boy's side. Please contact Brian Lottridge for more information.

    **Summer Touch 7's will be held on Thursdays at 6:30, Albemarle Field in Newton

      Summer 1998 Fixtures 6/27 Springfield 7s

    7/11 Newport 7s
    7/11 Ten Good Men
    7/25 Worcester 7s
    8/1-2 Saranac Lake – Contact Stan Tasker.
    8/27-30 Quebec Tour

      Fall 1998 Fixtures 9/7 Labor Day Off

    9/12 Springfield home
    9/19 Burlington away
    9/26 New Haven home
    10/3 Worcester away
    10/10 Newport away
    10/17 Charles River home
    10/24 Portland away
    10/31 MIT home
    11/7 TBA
    11/14 TBA
    11/18 AGM 8pm

    Old Gold RFC to Tour Quebec, Canada
    Old Gold will once again be wrecking havoc on an international level this summer
    with a mini-tour of Quebec. Please contact John Rynak for more information.

    8/27 Thursday – Leave 7:30 am from Riverside T stop.

    Arrive 4:00 Trois- Riviers Quebec (half way between Montreal and Quebec City

    MATCH 6:00 PM vs Trois-Riviers RFC (div 3)

    8/28 Friday – Free day Bus tour Quebec City

    Night out in Quebec City or Trois-Riviers

    8/29 Saturday – leave 10 am Trois-Riviers for Montreal

    MATCH 2:30 pm vs St-Lambert RFC or Montreal Barbarians

    * 8/30 Sunday – Leave Montreal for Boston 3:00

    Cost $300.00 includes Bus, Hotel, strip bars, tour gifts, & Ryno's finger dance.

    *We will play which ever team has that weekend as a bye in league play that day .

    Deposit needed & or first payment ASAP Checks to be given to Geoff Millerd or Ryno will be deposited in separate tour fund account.


    Old Gold's 2nd Semi-Annual Pub Crawl

    OGRFC will once again be participating in terrorizing Boston by holding it's semi-annual pub crawl, sponsored by Boddington's Pub Ale and Jack Daniel's, on Saturday July 25. Contact Brian Lottridge for more info.


    Birth Announcements
    Congratulations to Tom and Jerry MacCarthy on the birth of their first son Thomas Daniel MacCarthy, Born: 8:18 PM, Jan 2nd 1998, Plainview, NY, Weight: 8lbs 5oz, Length: 21 inches. According to Tom, “He's currently being groomed to follow his father's footsteps into the front row, though – like all rookies – has ambitions at a flanker position. He's got a huge appetite, likes his rest and relaxation and is hard to part from his bottle, so he looks to be perfect Old Gold material. Furthermore, he hasn't shown up to a single training session yet.”

    Congratulations to Mike “Buzzy” and Jen Lombardi on their birth of their son: Samuele Vincent Lombardi DOB: 2/16/98. Please join me in wishing them good luck with the “little buzz”.

    Congratulations to Kelly and Joe Bognanno on the birth their son last Friday, May 22nd, Joseph Bognanno the III. I am sure the “little & the big Booger” will be keeping Kelly very busy.

    Message from Our Honorable President,
    J. Douglas DeMeritt

    After another successful winning season for both the A's and B's giving us something to build on. I would like to thank the officer's on their great job, the players on their commitment to Old Gold and finally the Old Boy's on their continued support. After all this it would seem like it is time to relax. This is not the case the summers is approaching and we have several tournaments we are committing to. This will allow us to enjoy the summer while furthering our play. To help in this we are bringing over another English coach Neil Leavitt, he currently coaches York in England, and is a 38 year old ex-flanker/center. He is a retired police officer and will look to coach a couple of college sides in the area which will help in the recruiting. Neil will arrive in country at the end of July to travel with us to Saranac Lake and on the Canadian Tour. With the Spring behind us we must make a renewed commitment to Neil starting in August to take us to the next level this Fall.


    Captain's Message

    I was pleasantly surprised by a number of positives during this spring season. It's amazing how winning hardware in NY and playing on Sunday at NERFU make the season much more enjoyable. I know that I've enjoyed myself this season, and I hope that all the players and our supporters have as well.

    It's been a real juggling act for me to act as both captain and coach during the spring, and the two jobs combined have proven to be a lot more work than I expected (or had time for). I am proud that I gave 100%, but even prouder to announce that I have found an out for myself. Arriving on July 26th at 5pm, direct from York, England, is our new coach Neil Leavitt. Neil has a number of years of coaching experience in England, and he was a flanker/center in his playing days. He is EXTREMELY committed to teaching rugby, and he will demand that you are EXTREMELY committed to both he and Old Gold. Seeing as Neil is an ex-cop, and probably has more guns that Rooney, I suggest that you do what he asks.

    Neil will accompany us on our annual pilgrimage to Saranac Lake from July 29-August 2, as well as on our tour to Canada from August 27-30 to evaluate talent and prepare game strategies. Training for the fall season will begin after Saranac, so begin freeing up your Tuesdays and Thursdays in August now. With everyone's commitment, and a coach like Neil, Old Gold will begin climbing the latter of Division II. But one without the other is like a fire without oxygen, it simply won't burn. I got us the coach we need, now I'm asking for your commitment. Make that commitment.

    Stan Tasker
    '98 Captain

    Wedding Announcements
    Congratulations to Mike and Leslie Siciliano on their March Wedding they spent their honeymoon travelling around the Cayman Islands looking for Old Gold stickers.

    Congratulations to Matt and Jen Greene on their recent wedding. The lovely couple spent their honeymoon in Hawaii and California. While in California, Matt showed up to an international match 5 minutes before kick off and was called into action to replace an injured eagle second row.

    Congratulations Dave and Karen Brabeck on their Wedding May 9th.

    Congratulations also go out to Jordan and Pam Hoy who tied the knot on May 30th. It is probably also worth noting that Jordan's bachelor party also managed to get thrown out of the Golden Banana.


    Game Summaries

    The Lansdowne Tourney
    March 14th

    Lansdown Team 1998

    Front Laying J.May, R.Thomas, Middle D.Crookes, D.Gelineau, S.Marchant, Vice Captain J.Campbell, Captain S.Tasker, J.Donovan, M.Murphy, B.Looney, T.Burke, Unknown, G.Sawyer, M.Rooney, M.Shafer, M. Howard, T.McGuire, J.Capello, D.Twombly, J.Caulfield, J.Rynak, B.Lottridge, & Martin Miller the Boddingtons pour boy.

    Old Gold started the season off strong by bringing home hardware from the Lansdowne Rugby Club's St. Patrick's Day tournament. Old Gold started the day off slow with a tough 10 to 0 loss to Wilmington, DE in the driving rain and cold. Old Gold was forced into the consolation pool and matched against Danbury's B-side for the second match. Fortunately, Old Gold's play improved with the weather, and Danbury was manhandled resulting in a 17-0 shutout for the men in stripes. Highlights of this game include trys by Mike Rooney and Greg Sawyer, as well as a try by rookie Ryan McNeal who bolted 60 meters untouched to touch the ball down between the posts.

    Old Gold moved on the consolation bracket semi-finals against Kutztown, PA. The boys of Kutztown decided it was far better to forfeit this match than have to face the wrath of the Old Gold pack. Old Gold was suddenly thrust into the consolation finals against a much larger Morris, NJ team. The game was fierce, as play went back and forth with neither team able to put points on the board. Old Gold was finally able to break the deadlock with a Rob Thomas penalty kick near the end of the first half. A few minutes later, Judd Caulfield scored a try with a brilliant second effort on the 5 meter to put the boys up 8-0 at the half. Old Gold dug in it's heels and reached deep into their guts and gave it all they had in the second half. It was more than enough as the less fit Morris team was not allowed a single point, and Old Gold marked it's second shut out of the day and captured the Consolation Cup for the club division.

    Danbury RFC

    Old Gold had a gut check for week two of the spring season, facing Danbury RFC. Old Gold was on its heals from the kickoff, and Danbury was able to score three trys in the first 15 minutes of play. Old Gold fought back though, and shut down Danbury's offense for the rest of the half. A Mike Rooney try and Geoff Milled penalty kick brought Gold back into the game with a 17-10 score at the half. The second half started much like the first half ended, with Old Gold on the attack. The boys in gold were deep into Danbury's territory and threatening to tie the game when a pass was picked off at the 5 meter line and being run back to the opposite 5 meter line. The only thing preventing Danbury from scoring on the run was the cover defense of Dave Bentley, but Danbury had more players in support and put another 7 on the board. The play had taken the wind out of Gold's sails, and the day was lost to Danbury.

    The B-side game started much like the first game with Danbury drawing first blood. Old Gold struck back quickly however, with a try by Jonny May. Trys were also scored by Greg Sawyer and Trevor Roberts, but the effort was not enough to fend off a much fresher side and Old Gold lost by 10.

    Game 1 lineup:
    1)Jamie Donovan
    2)Stan Tasker (c)
    3)Don Crookes
    4)Tom McGuire
    5)Darren Twombly
    6)Scott Marchant
    7)Mike Rooney
    8)Gregg Sawyer
    9)Jonny May
    10)Geoff Millerd
    11)Dave Bentley
    12)Jeff Campbell
    13)Brian Lottridge
    14)Trevor Roberts, injury time by Tom Burke
    15)Jason Capello

    MIT/Mad River

    The first game of the day pitted Old Gold's A-side versus MIT's A's. Old Gold came out hard and fast with a try by Mike Rooney, but MIT was allowed to come back with a try of their own to tie the score. Play slowed down somewhat until the end of the half with Gold scoring again, but allowing MIT to counter and the score at stood at 12-10 in favor of Old Gold. The second half started off the same way with the two sides trading scores. With 20 minutes left to go, Gold was still only up 17-15. By this time, the men of Old Gold were throw toying around with the college boys, and the pack and backs started to play as a team, rallying off 3 trys (1 by Tasker, 2 by Roberts) to put the final score at 38 to 15.

    In the second game, Old Gold's B's faced Mad River's first side. It was a tough loss for the B side, who fought valiantly but seemed to be out matched by the much larger team from Vermont. In the third match of the day, a combined Old Gold/Mad River team spanked an unexperienced MIT B-side, putting on a clinic on how to whoop college boys' asses.

    Old Gold Lineup:
    1)Jamie Donovan
    2)Stan Tasker (c)
    3)Don Crookes
    4)Tom McGuire
    5)Matt Shafer
    6)Bryan Looney
    7)Mike Rooney
    8)Gregg Sawyer
    9)Mike Murphy
    10)Rob Thomas
    11)Dave Bentley
    12)Jeff Campbell
    13)Brian Lottridge
    14)Trevor Roberts
    15)Jason Capello

    Game 2 Lineup:
    1)Dave Gelineau
    2)Joe Bognanno
    3)Brian Walsh
    4)new guy
    5)John Rynak
    6)Scott Marchant
    7)other new guy
    8)Matt Taylor
    9)Rick Bailey
    10)Geoff Millerd
    11)Judd Caulfield
    12)Trevor Roberts
    13)Donny's friend
    14)Tom Burke
    15)Rob Thomas

    Portland RFC

    Our weaknesses were quickly discovered and taken advantage of. Offensively, we were unable to finish off any attack and get ourselves into the try zone. The only Old Gold score of the day came from an attacking position on the 5 meter line. After two quick passes the ball ended up in the hands of Jonny May, who dove over the try line for 5 points. Rob Thomas added 2 pts with the conversion. That effort was the only thing that stood between us and a shutout. Portland took advantage of Gold's trouble fielding kicks, gaining excellent field position on our numerous handling errors, and turning them into trys.

    There were a few positives for Old Gold in this game. We effectively neutralized their rolling maul, and not once were they able to move or roll the maul with effectiveness. The other positive sign was our scrummaging. The week's work on the scrum machine had a positive effect, and we seemed able to move their pack off the ball at will.

    Old Gold Lineup:
    1)John Rynak
    2)Stan Tasker (c)
    3)Don Crookes
    4)Tom McGuire
    5)Matt Shafer
    6)Greg Sawyer, replaced by Bryan Looney
    7)Scott Marchant
    8)Mike Rooney
    9)Jonny May
    10)Rob Thomas
    11)Dave Bentley
    12)Jeff Campbell
    13)Brian Lottridge
    14)Judd Caulfield
    15)Jason Capello

    The B side game was much more positive. The B-side demolished Portland's B's 29-5, and had their way in both the loose play & the set pieces. Some even went so far as to say that the Portland backs barely touched the ball. This points to a strong link between both our backs and forwards. Tom Burke scored his first try ever, and then visited with the porcelain god at the drink up to pay the 5 shot penalty. Everyone involved played an excellent game and allowed Old Gold to walk away from Portland with some sense of self-respect.

    B side Lineup:
    1)Doc Bob
    2)Scott Marchant
    3)Dave Gelineau
    4)Jim Daylor
    5)Bryan Looney
    6)Paul Murray
    7)Terry Crimmins
    8)Matt Taylor
    9)Jeremy Stashluk
    10)Geoff Mills
    11)Dave Bentley, replaced by Judd Caulfield
    12)Jeff Campbell
    13)Brian Lottridge, replaced by Mike Rooney
    14)Tom Burke
    15)Jonny May

    Newport RFC

    The game started with many hard tackles, and no clear advantage in possession for either team. Newport drew first blood with a kick toward the wing, where our wing fielded the ball and was tackled, but did not release the ball, drawing a penalty. Newport then ran the penalty quickly, with their wing breaking a tackle and scoring in the corner (0-5). Old Gold answered right from the restart kick with the pack forcing Newport into a 5 meter defensive scrum, and pushing it over for a try to put Gold ahead (7-5). Newport was able to push in another try just before the half to go on top (7-10).

    Unfortunately, Old Gold didn't open up the second half like world beaters, and Newport did, scoring 4 unanswered trys. Old Gold finally decided that giving away 20 points was enough, and the ball was spun out to Jeff Campbell who broke through the line for a 30 meter run and a try of his own. The game ended with Old Gold's Tom Burke diving into the try zone for his first A-side try.

    Old Gold Players:
    1)John Rynak, replaced by Jamie Donovan
    2)Scott Marchant
    3)Don Crookes
    4)Tom McGuire
    5)Matt Shafer
    6)Terry Crimmins
    7)Greg Sawyer
    8)Jim Daylor (1 try)
    9)Jonny May
    10)Geoff Millerd (1 conversion)
    11)Brian Lottridge, replaced by Tom Burke (1 try)
    12)Jeff Campbell (c) (1 try)
    13)Mike Rooney
    14)Jason Capello
    15)Jeremy Stashluk

    B-side Wrap up:
    Newport had only come to Boston w/about 20 players, so the B side match was limited to 13-on-13. Neil Herlocher and Al McCarthy made appearances at center, and seemed to play well together with Dave Bentley at wing. Dave Gelineau played hard at prop, and Timmy Day made his season debut at flanker. Rory Bauer and Darren Twombley played together at second row, while Doug DeMeritt captained the side from flyhalf, and was fed the ball by Mike Murphy at scrumhalf.

    Old Gold's B side was up at the half by a score of 14-10, but the second half was stopped short as a slight altercation broke out between a few of the pack players. A punch was thrown, and the ensuing rumble was enough for the ref to blow the game up with time left on the clock. All said, we got to the drink up early.

    Village Lions, NY

    Click below for additional game photos

    Old Gold Scrum Half Jon May passing the ball against the Village Lions
    Village Lions

    More Photos

    Old Gold faced the Village Lion's for a second time in a year, this time on Randall's Island in the heart of NY, NY. It was a well played game, despite Old Gold only having 14 available players due to injury and other commitments. To get to 15, we borrowed a B side flanker from the Lions & made him an instant second rower. Old Gold was still able to pull off a convincing 32-17 win, regardless.

    The win can be attributed to a few variables: continued hard play by the pack, a much improved back line dedicated to ball retention, excellent kicking, and superb lineout play. But the biggest difference in this game was the dedication to supporting the ball carrier, both in the tackle, and as he broke through the defense. This support was a very positive sign, and will continue to be something that we build on.

    Old Gold scored first with a play that touched the hands of half the team. From an Old Gold lineout, the ball was spun through the backs to Dave Bentley on the wing, and Dave popped a pass just before being tackled to Stan Tasker who added the finishing touches with a try from the hooker position. Shortly thereafter Old Gold scored again on a Rob Thomas penalty kick from 22 meters to put Gold up 10-0. The Lions didn't roll over yet and were able to score a try against Old Gold, whom was forced to play a man-down while Jim Daylor cleaned a bloodied knee. The Lion's flyhalf notched a pretty 22 meter drop kick at goal from a lineout position which tied the score at 10 just before the end of the half.

    Old Gold came off the intermission with fire in their eyes, racking up trys by Jim Daylor, Jay Capello, and Greg Sawyer, as well as a penalty kick by Rob Thomas. The second half was marked by excellent ball retention and errorless ball handling. For once, the pack and backs played as one, perhaps realizing that May 16th was quickly approaching.

    Old Gold Lineup:

    1)Jamie Donovan
    2)Stan Tasker (c)
    3)Don Crookes
    4)Matt Shafer
    5)Lion's player
    6)Scott Marchant
    7)Greg Sawyer
    8)Jim Daylor
    9)Jonny May
    10)Rob Thomas
    11)Dave Bentley
    12)Mike Rooney
    13)Jason Capello
    14)Tom Burke
    15)Jeremy Stashluk

    The B side game was won by Old Gold as well. Suffice it to say that Mike Rooney scored many times in the game, and the Lions B side not as much. The players were the same. Special thanks to Brian Lottridge and John Rynak for coming down to NY to support their team, even though they were injured & unavailable to play.

    Irish Wolfhounds B's / Brian Cody Memorial Family Day

    Once again Brian made sure that the day named in his honor was wet and overcast. But the weather didn't stop the Old Gold A's, B's, and Old Boy's from coming away with wins. The weather did seem to deter the usual number of young ones & mothers, but the newly acquired Jack Daniel's party tent made for a dry shelter.

    Old Gold A's began the day with a scorching victory over the Boston Irish Wolfhound B's (46-10). With a halftime score of 14-10, Old Gold turned up the defensive intensity in the second half. This defensive pressure resulted in increased offensive opportunities, and Old Gold was able to capitalize with numerous scores in the second frame. Once the victory was well in hand, we were able to make some substitutions to rest players before next weekend's NERFU tourney.

    Stand outs from the game include solid play in the centers by Mike Rooney and a newly returned (from injury) Brian Lottridge. Mike and Brian punished their opposite numbers all day with bruising tackles and hard nosed runs. Rooney's opposite number was forced from the game when he made the mistake of banging heads w/the flanker (turned center), and a large gash was opened up on his forehead. In true hardheaded fashion, Mike was unphased by the collision. The entire pack played well as a unit in both set plays and in the loose. Old Gold seemed to claim the loose play in this match, and the forwards were able to win ball after ball that was brought into tackle.

    Man-of-the-Match honors (and the accompanying Jack Daniel's prize) went to Jim Daylor, who scored twice from his 8-man position as the pack moved him to within meters of the try line each time. Also worth mentioning was the virgin Aside try from Jeremy Stashluk who has been playing solidly in the fullback position. A shot of Jack was also his prize.

    Old Gold A's Lineup:
    1)Jamie Donovan
    2)Stan Tasker (c), replaced by Scott Marchant
    3)Don Crookes
    4)Matt Shafer
    5)Matt Greene
    6)Scott Marchant, replaced by Terry Crimmins
    7)Greg Sawyer, replaced by Joe Connors
    8)Jim Daylor
    9)Jonny May
    10)Rob Thomas
    11)Dave Bentley
    12)Mike Rooney
    13)Brian Lottridge
    14)Tom Burke
    15)Jeremy Stashluk

    The Old Boy's game and B-side matches were combined, since a 3rd opponent was not available for the day, and because the second game opposition (Boston Gentleman) needed some additional players. The game was played in three 20 minute stanzas, with the Old Gold Old Boy's winning by a two point margin (19-17). Tries were scored by a trotting (is that the right word for the speed between walking and running?) Guy Holappa, the ever young Joe Connors (who in true 8 man fashion also converted his own try), and the scrumhalf of the decade (just ask him) Davey O'Hara. Doug DeMeritt was forced from the game when a collision with an opponent's knee knocked him (more) senseless. However, it was later learned that the collision was the result of a planned covert mission by the e-mail police, who are hell bent on stopping Dougy from e-mailing 50 useless things per day.

    The Old Boy's Man-of-the-Match (and a Jack Daniel's salute) went to Guy Holappa, for his inspiring play and try. At least we think it was him, we couldn't get a real good look through all those bandages?

    The Old Gold Old Boy's Lineup:
    1) Henry Ward
    2) Pip Desaphalle
    3) Bob Demling
    4) Joe McDonagh
    5) Ken Blanc, replaced by Mike Shea
    6) Jim “Ben” Forgerty
    7) Terry Crimmins
    8) Joe Connors
    9) Davey O'Hara
    10) Guy Holappa
    11) Jeff Quinn
    12) Dave Censorio
    13) Peter “Squeak” Logan
    14) Mike Elliott
    15) Doug DeMeritt, replaced by Ned Stanton

    On a more social note, hot dogs and hamburgers were flying from the Sawyer's grill, while Doc Bob's $300 social dues contribution put a smile on treasurer Geoff Millerd's face (when are the rest of you sending checks?). Just as important, was the $10 donated to the team by Donnny Crookes Jr's father, Don Crookes Sr (thanks to both Dons). New uniforms sponsored by Boddington's Pub Ale and Jack Daniel's were unveiled to rave reviews. To round out the day, the Hammond Lounge played host to the Old Gold Ruggers from past and present. But most importantly, Old Gold was once again able to play in the honor of it's fallen friend Brian Cody, and celebrated the day with the members of his family.

    Newport Tourney

    The upside is that we played on Sunday for the consolation plate. An unfortunate loss, one that we let slip away, cost us the hardware, but Old Gold played hard against Mystic River's B-side in this game. At the half Old Gold was up 14-3, and Mystic had only been over mid-field for a period of about 5 minutes. However, the second half saw more aggressive rucking from Mystic, and Old Gold's pack seemed less committed to winning it's own ball at the breakdowns. Add to that some miscues in the backline, and Mystic was able to run in 3 tries to win the game and the hardware.

    Earlier in the weekend, Old Gold played it's first Saturday match against Burlington, and in this game Old Gold was able to strike first with a 25 meter penalty goal about 5 minutes into the game. However, Burlington put the pedal to the metal shortly thereafter, and Old Gold just didn't have the steam to respond to the hard rucking and excellent support that mark their style of play. This game ended in a loss, but the upside is that every Old Gold player was able to see what kind of rucking and support it takes to be a higher caliber team. Now we just have to execute. Note that Burlington went on to win the tourney.

    Game two of what was a beautiful Saturday (75 degrees & not a cloud in the sky), pitted Old Gold against Portland. As promised, everyone who showed played on this day, and some players who had been playing Bside during the Spring season really proved themselves during this match. Players of note in this game include Paul Murray's hard hitting at flanker, Dave Gelineau's solid play at prop, Terry Crimmins''s head rocking tackling, and Mike Murphy's aggressiveness at scrumhalf. These players helped lead Old Gold to a tight win over Portland, and propelled Old Gold into Sunday's consolation finals.

    We came away empty handed on this trip to the NERFU tourney, but we will be back, you can count on it. I would like to thank our sponsor Jack Daniel's for their support during the weekend. Their tent provided needed shelter from the sun, and their shots provided needed relief from the pain.

    Thanks to all who came to Newport to support their team. Players on the weekend (in no
    particular order) included:

    1)John Rynak (prop)
    2)Paul Murray (flanker)
    3)Jeremy Stashluk (fullback)
    4)Brian Lottridge (center/wing)
    5)Mike Rooney (center)
    6)Jamie Donovan (prop)
    7)Dave Gelineau (prop)
    8)Dave Bentley (wing)
    9)Tom Burke (wing)
    10)Tom McGuire (2nd row)
    11)Don Crookes (prop)
    12)Jeff Campbell (center)
    13)Judd Caulfield (wing)
    14)Jason Capello (wing)
    15)Jason Vincent (flanker/2nd row)
    16)Matt Shafer (2nd row)
    17)Terry Crimmins (flanker)
    18)Trevor Roberts (wing)
    19)Rob Thomas (flyhalf)
    20)Jonny May (scrumhalf)
    21)Mike Murphy (scrumhalf)
    22)Gregg Sawyer (flanker)
    23)Jim Daylor (8 man)
    24)Scott Marchant (flanker/hooker)
    25)Stan Tasker (c) (hooker)