New England 10's this week!!!

December 5, 2005

To the Old Gold Family…
As many of you know, this week we host the New England 10's event. This is our main event of the season, and as such we encourage both new and old players to head on out and help the team make this year even better than last.

Currently we have a list that is circulating on the email list, please ensure that you sign up and let Dupey know you are in ASAP so that we can ensure we break the teams up in to 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams respectively. A captain will then be appointed to run each team. Each member who signs up will be allocated a team for the day that you are to run with and support 100%

As you may know, last year our 1st side made it to the finals agains Boston. This year we want to win the finals not just place second. Our 2nd team came 3rd in the plate devision, so this year it needs to win that devision. It is time to come on out to practice, show your colors and make your club and team mates proud.

Ok, now I have gotten off my soap box, there are some practical things that need to be noted…1 – We need everyone who intends to play at practice on thurs where we will drill on 10's format. If you

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intend to play … BE THERE
2 – We need volunteers to help setup the field on Saturday
3 – We need volunteers to help setup the Night Club on Saturday for the after party at Trinity.
4 – We need everyone to help out with the running of the event. Even if you dont know how to flip a burger, Masi will be able to show you.