OGRFC vs Touring Side from Jersey England

December 12, 2004

After stalling the game due to the fact that the jerseys were astray and some key players were missing on the Mass Pike, we got our first glimpse of the opposition. Their 30 supporters were in their traditional khaki pants and club polo shirts. Then their players arrived together in a swarm of 25 kitted and focused players. Their kit was red and white reminding us of the British Lions who they were obviously enamored with.

Right from that first sight of a drilled team we knew OGRFC would have to step up its game and get organized. Then the jerseys


arrived and it was all feet to the paddock as the ball was lofted into the air for the kickoff.

OGRFC came on hard and pushed them back into their 22 and then to their try line. We soon realized that although this club has over 125 years (some think it is 150) of history they are still just players like you and I.

The first hits OGRFC had against this team were terrific and lifted everyone’s spirits up, especially since this was mostly our B side playing a division winning touring side! After 10 minutes though the opposition started to show how their focus and grilling practices made them into a solid unit. OGRFC really learnt the lesson of “Tighten – Sink – Shove”, and the importance of coming in as a solid pack to scrum down. This team beat us severely in the forwards during set play with OGRFC hading them possession time and again. This is to be somewhat expected playing a team like this, but a lesson to be learnt is to change your game up in accordance with the team you are playing. If they are going in low and hard, you go lower and harder (and quicker).

Once they started to swing the ball wide, we were at their mercy as their pace and ball skills was something everyone in the club should aspire to achieve. There were some memorable moments of the game that deserve mention to include at least 4 tries that OGRFC should have pulled through but due to one bad decision or tough luck we could not convert.

Some points to remember: Woody got a yellow card for his “last ditched effort” at tackling their super fast fullback by the scruff of the collar and somersaulting him to face plant on the asphalt of a field we play on. Jay pos had a great run up the wing and only had to beat the fullback, who tackled him low (not the emphasis on LOW), and changed Jays direction from forward to backwards by 4 meters. A truly brilliant tackle by their fullback. Cheavor had a nice little NFL style jump at the try line only to be awarded a penalty against us for leaving his feet. Perhaps he thought he was superman, but who knows with Cheavor.

The Drink up was held at Tommy’s in Dorchester where the sumptuous grub was pasta, cold meats and bread rolls (no pheasant at this drunk of chaps – check out their club house), accompanied by kegs and kegs of beer. Mike Thornton was awarded man of the match for the Old Gold side. Closers at the bar were Mike Thornton Timmy Ponds and Timmy Day, with Horse bringing up the rear (now there’s a scary thought!)

All an all, this was a good game (and drink up) and a very valuable learning experience for all players that were lucky enough to step onto the paddock against this team. Get your game faces on as we play again in 2 days time against MIT and Boston’s Old Units for Brian Cody Day.