Old Gold Beats Portland 29-12

December 22, 2005

“Old Mold” certainly played a solid game against their old nemesis Portland (and yes gents, this is the new world order, so see you once you viagra generic online win DIII – we will be rooting for you in some macabre twist of humility). The boys in red arrived a little late on a sunny Saturday afternoon as it would seem their carpooling idea (like some aspects of their game) didn’t quite get off the ground. By 1:00 PM the boys in Gold were kitted up and ready to take them on with generic viagra online some solid hits, good runs and smart play. Mona LisaThe old units from Portland definitely came with their own form of home grown Viagra that is known to only be grown in viagra super active Portland Maine! They scrummed hard and took us down in the line outs! Old Mold managed to step it up with a few quick tries and a lot of solid tackling. In true form, Old Mold only started to wake up in the second half where Portland’s lack of subs started to play a toll on their ability to make open field plays where it counted. As usual, Portland’s pack was very strong up front and certainly showed our younger units what its like to play some old boys who know where to poke you (ie- in your eye socket). The game remained clean apart from viagra generic online a few minor incidents online cialis generic which we have to give credit to both teams and the ref for a decent job, well done. Old Mold then put in a few more tries to seal the game and douse any hopes for Portland to return to the “old world”. “When it comes to Old Mold any respective difference in divisions means nothing more than ink on paper, and I hope they are not foolhardy enough to think otherwise. Nevertheless I find the lack of pre-match hype on their website down-right patronizing. “ – Quote from Portlands website. – Well gents, we certainly wish you luck this season and look forward to facing off against you real soon! This week we play against a tough team from New Haven, so please make sure you are at practice and that you are in New Haven at 11:00 AM to warm up and get your game on. Exec.