Old Gold Bosstones

February 24, 2010

I wrote it with a golf pencil I pulled out of my blazer A crest sewn on the chest read “Old Gold Rugby Football Club” Worn at one time by a man, that at one time went to Yale Then he worked a while on Wall Street, until the market collapsed

I was in a barroom that was somewhere on the southern shore of Boston The tender of the bar poured me a whiskey on the house I had a love for whiskey, I chased it with a beer I have a love for Boston and I loved writing it there


I wrote it in a notebook that somebody let me borrow “Don’t use all the paper please and if you could bring it back to me tomorrow” It was a fair

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request and I was grateful for the loan I had to jot a thought down I came up with on my own

I wrote it in October and I mention that because Out of all the months there are I’ve always liked that one the best I don’t know why I bring this up but there are times I wonder what Ever happened to that man I wonder after the collapse


I wrote, I wrote it for you I wrote, I wrote it for you I wrote, I wrote it for you I wrote, I wrote it for you

I wrote it in an hour so, so really not much longer I put the pencil in the shot glass and I buttoned up my blazer I stepped out of the bar in to the cold October sun I must return the notebook it’s not important what I wrote