Portland Results

May 15, 2006

Old Gold falls to Portland 18-17 in an instant classic. Up early on Saturday morning, the men of Old Gold took to the northern trail (unfortunately the northern lights were not witnessed until much later that evening) to meet up with classic rivals Portland. Mother nature gave us an omen of things to come with monstrous rain following us all the way to Maine, we were to certainly expect another tough match with Portland. We knew we were getting close to game time when we simultaneously crossed the Maine border and were flooded (no pun intended) on the airwaves with such classics as Bob Seger, Steve Miller Band, and Credence Clearwater Revival, giving yet another example that Maine refuses to join modern civilization. We arrived at the Cumberland horse track where our very own Ryan “Horse” Hubbard was ecstatic with this opportunity to graze with his fellow animals. I was shocked to find out that Horse’s pick up “techniques” such as slobbering and gawking awkwardly are perfectly acceptable in horse culture. (Sorry for knocking your game all those times at bars Horse, my bad) When Old Gold and Portland lace their boots and take the pitch against each other you can expect viagra prices walmart a few things. Hard, physical play on both ends. Back and forth scoring cumulating in a highly competitive, hotly contested finish to the game. Jerry (Portland) and Simi (Old Gold) collectively receiving upwards to 20-30 near red cards, and of course monsoon like conditions. Saturday was no exception. The game started as expected, hard hitting and strong, aggressive play set the tone for a long 80 minutes. Portland picked up their attack due to their former captain, Jerry’s unorthodox motivational tactics of pissing everybody on his team (including the ref/Portland coach) off with a vigorous and relentless assault of profanity and chippy play. Portland was held by strong Old Gold defense for the better part of 20 minutes when they eventually broke the try line. Old Gold would mount a formidable attack of their own punching it down the pitch keeping Portland on their heals. With a jackhammer mentality, Old Gold put continuous phases together approaching the try line. Old Gold put points on the scoreboard as a result of this attack. The female viagra ball saw itself in the Irish Rover, Jenko’s hands as he shuck and jived his way into the try zone. Portland would later score with assistance from their coaches, I mean ref’s no generic cialis online call on a knock-on that knocked the ball past Old Gold’s line of defense and touched down in the try zone for Portland. Old Gold fought back and gained the territory they needed with the hard, north/south running style of Craig “Sweetness” Welton as he broke the line, delivered a stiff arm and was off for a 50 meter gain. Building on sweetness’ efforts OG found itself at the try line continuously denied by Portland’s defense. That was until John “Fat-chick Hunter” Beatty pulled the ball from the ruck like King viagra definition Arthur pulling excalibur from the stone. Divine intervention gave Beatty the strength to thunder his way through the sturdy line of defense like Moses through the red sea to put OG back on top. Portland would later kick a penalty and with 4 minutes left in the game, score off a line-out. OG was down 6 with under 4 minutes to viagra generic play. With gritty determination OG fought off all Portland’s attempts to deny our attack. Going into a scrum at Portland 10, we were told it was the last play of the game. Although scrummaging was by no means OG’s strength that day, we dug deep and refused to relent our advance. OG won the scrum and feverishly attacked the try zone. Jenko ran left ball in hands, Portland followed his momentum and Jenko cut back into the hole he had created. Try for OG! Unfortunately due to horrendous conditions visibility was extremely limited. I’m pretty sure the goal posts weren’t even visible. The plague like weather prevented the conversion from going in and OG loses to Portland by 1. Highlights included OG’s tackling improvements from last week and our hard, physical, blue-collar style of play. We still need to work on scrummaging and delivering clean ball to our backs, which we were unable to do well this week. Good luck to Portland next week at NERFU, kick some does cialis work with low testosterone DIII ass and we look forward to playing you next year in DII. If Portland does not have success this weekend it will certainly be attributed to one man, ehh, thing… “Spider.” “Spider” was given his nickname b/c as everybody knows the arachnid is the animal kingdom’s alcoholic. Coincidently enough, a lesser known, but if you’ve cialisonline-rxgeneric ever met spider, a very accurate fact about spiders is their inability to close their mouths due to permanent lock-jaw, I believe it’s a genetic advantage to help them catch flies and fists in their mouths. Don’t hold it against Portland for their friends social ineptness, their a good bunch of guys (yes, even Jerry…although he should contemplate retiring after playing for 65 years) OG will be supporting this weekend at NERFU