Saranac Information for this weekend

December 1, 2004

Tomorrow – Bus is leaving Alewife T Station (in Cambridge) at 3:00 pm. All people arriving late, will be “Duly Noted.” If anyone plans on attending Saranac, but knows that they will be running slightly late, let me know now…only legit excuses.

Required – Everyone should bring the following:
1 – A Gatorade Bottle (in most cases large mouthed, in other cases…a sports bottle…if

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2 – 1 large trash bag
3 – Friday Drive/evening attire – Anything rugby (jersey, shirt, etc)
4 – Saturday attire – button down shirt any color (not #1s, but look nice for the ladies)
5 – Rugby gear – you need that
6 – 12 pack of beer
6 – $150 – No money… no ride yo…

Our first game is at 8:00AM on Field #9 part of the Lake Placid Fields.

For those of you that are joining OGRFC for the festivities from other clubs. After playing on Saturday we are planning a little bit of a get together and a few drinks ;> ) so you are more than welcome to attend.