Boston B’s – March 17th

March 13, 2007

** Due to weather game cancelled ** Spring matches get going next Saturday when we take on Superleague Boston R.F.C. B side. This match will be held Catholic Memorial High School, which can be found at 235 Baker St. West Roxbury, MA. Kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. and drink-up details will be provided as the date nears. With that in mind, here’s your one and only serious warning about that date: Anyone who brings in beer/booze/wine/ whatever will be asked to leave the C.M.H.S. grounds immediately, no questions asked, no exceptions. This means no booze in the parking lot, no beer cans in socks, no forties, no mixed drinks, nothing with booze in it anywhere on the school grounds.

Old Gold Rugby Club and the C.M.H.S. Athletic Director

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will be in a boat-load of trouble if anyone decides to get cute and sneak alcohol in. Please pass this info onto friends, family, girlfriends, wives, or whoever might come to watch you. The C.M.H.S. rugby team will be there watching as well as the monks who live on campus. Saint Patrick’s Day can be celebrated after the match.