Social Events

Spring 2010 Social Events

Mark your calendars for May 8th, 2010 for the First Annual Old Gold Over 30 / Under 30 Social Match! The two teams will comprised only of Old Gold players, past and present. As the name implies, one team will be made up of the wet-behind-the-ears young guns that largely make up the current competitve side, while the good guys will be made up of the grizzled veterans that taught the youngun's everything they know about rugby.

This event is for the whole family. The social match will be followed by a BBQ at which the Under 30s can nurse their wounds and contemplate their devastating loss to the Over 30s.

More details will follow in the months leading up to the match. Check back to the website, check with current players, and most importantly, reach out to all the old boys and get them out for a run!

When: Saturday, May 8th (match starts at 11am)
Where: Franklin Park, next to the Schoolboy Stadium off Pierpont Rd

Socials General Information

As with any rugby club with the history and tradition of Old Gold Rugby, social gatherings are as much a part of the team as playing matches. Old Gold Rugby is often found out patrolling the pubs in South & Downtown Boston and the Brighton/Allston/Watertown (center of the universe) area or putting on the tux to attend the latest performance of Aidea.

Annual Club Events include:
First Official Outdoor Practice & Seniority Seating – April
Brian Cody Day & Old Boys Game – May
The Spring Social – May
The Summer Social – July
Halloween Party – October
Old Gold Santa Pub Crawl – December
Old Gold Christmas Social & Awards Night – December

As the various social events draw close they will be advertised on the Home page so come back regularly to check them out.

Click here for a copy of the Old Gold RFC Beer Troubleshooting Chart (pdf format)