Special GM Results

August 8, 2012

Special GM Results

Thanks go out to those who were able to attend the special meeting

Winthout opposition, changes to the club by-laws were rattified and will be our governing document going forward. Our club lawyers deserve a round of applause (and accoring to a subsecion 1/2 of all club dues).

In addition we held elections to replace officers which are stepping down for various reasons. The club appreciates all your hard work and you will be missed.

Thankfully, we were lucky to have so many qualified nominiees for these roles. For those not elected, thank you for running.

It was a productive meeing and good time afterwards.

Election results are as follows, congratulations gentlmen:

Club President – John Beatty

Vice Captain – Matt Dinger

Match Secretary – TJ Donegan

Ombudsman – Josh Sattely

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