Spring 1997 Newsletter

December 29, 1997

Volume 1 Issue 1
Spring 1997
Web Page: www.oldgoldrugby.com
Old Gold RFC
PO Box 540225
Waltham, MA 02454-0225
Secretary -Doug DeMeritt

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  • In memory of Joseph Bognanno Sr.
    On behalf of the club I would like to express our deepest sympathies to the Family of Joseph Bognanno Sr., who passed away in January. Mr. Bognanno was a fixture at most games cheering on Joe Jr. and the rest of Old Gold. We will surely miss him.

    The Christmas party was a huge success despite the weather conditions. Many danced the night away at the Best Western on Totten Pond Road, in Waltham. The party was a successful despite the snowstorm. The night consisted of the usual awards with Brian Lottridge taking home the Rookie of the Year if it was not for Brian's ability to tackle, some of our games would not have been so close. Most Valuable player was Jeff “Muttley” Campbell. Most Improved was Jay Capello, who went from clueless to veteran touch whiner in one season. Most Dedicated was yours truly Doug DeMeritt, but being so dedicated I was unable to make the Xmas party. The Unsung Hero award was given to Dave Brabeck whom all by himself alienated everyone from Old Gold. Not only have his three roommates been missing in action due to laziness or injury. Dave also recruited the most one practice wonders ever. The final award was given by Al “Hillary” McCarthey. Al gave out this years President's Award to Captain Ken Blanc. The president's award usually consists of an after dinner liqueur consumed quickly

    Congratulations to the 1997 Officer's elected at January's AGM.

    President Jordan Hoy
    Captain Jeff Campbell
    Vice Captain Stan Tasker
    Secretary Doug DeMeritt Treasurer Geoff Millerd
    Match Secretary John Rynak Social Secretary Brian Lottridge
    Field Committee Jim Daylor Selector Lawrence Losinsky Ombudsman Jon May

    We would like to thank the 1996 Club Officer's and their contributions to the club. We have a brief synopsis of what they are doing currently..

    Retired President Allen McCarthy was impeached due to his connection to the BC Mafia. Do not worry this in no means restricts Al from continuing his practicing of the law.

    Retired Captain Spring 1996, Jay Bourgeois had to retire temporarily due to injury and work commitments. Jay was able to relax with his hobby of meticulously making clay vases and then head butting the crap out of them. Do not worry Jay is said to be making a come back after his wedding.

    Retired Vice Captain, Captain, Treasurer & Coach Ken Blanc though not retired could not take a leadership role on the club due to work picking up. Now when you actually call Kenny at work he can only talk for an hour as opposed to the customary 3.

    Retired Treasurer Mike Siciliano due to couch commitments could not repeat this year. Mike is planning to make a come back if the mood hits him and his roommates stop teasing him.

    Retired Match Secretary Mike Skiotis is going to focus his energy as BU Rugby Publicist.

    Retired Selector Joe Connors is home waiting for the birth of his second child. We hope to see smiling Joe by April with news.

    Jean-Marc “Frenchie” Mausean and David Sparks have been named coaches this spring. “Frenchie” is from the former penal colony known as Australia, while Dave is from Wales. Although most of us will have a hard time understanding the types of English they speak we hope to learn a great deal from them. And after practice they can delight us with stories of their dingo and mum's kidney pie.

    My wife Diane and I are pleased to announce the birth of our son David Chenery DeMeritt. Born January 23, 1997, 7 lb. 9.4 oz., 20 1/2 “.
    David Chenery DeMeritt

    Old Gold 1997 Spring Schedule
    March 22nd Montauk (away)
    29th Portland (home)
    April 5th MIT (away)
    12th New Haven (away)
    19th Danbury (home)
    26th Springfield (away)
    May 3rd Village Lions (home)
    10th NERFU Tourney (away)
    *17th Charles River (home)
    31st Tentative Providence (away) or Rutland (home)
    June 7th CT Yankees 10's (away)
    August 12th-25th Ireland/Scotland Tour

    *Brian Cody Annual Family Day. This will include and Old Boy's game.

    Old Gold to infinity and beyond!

    PRACTICE STARTS Saturday, March 1st.

    Jeff Campbell and Stan Tasker hope everyone had a nice winter off. They also wanted make sure everyone has been working out and preparing for the upcoming spring season. Given that information PRACTICE will start Saturday, March 1st, at Beaver Brook Reservation in Waltham at 11:00 a.m.. To get to Beaver Brook take Rt. 128 to the Trapelo Road exit. Take east to Waltham. Follow for about 2 miles. You will go through two sets of lights. At the third set of lights take a right onto Waverly Oaks Road and take an immediate left at Beaver Brook parking area. This will be followed by Priority/Senior seating at the Hammond Lounge. On Tuesday's and Thursday's until daylight permits we will be practicing at the Boston College parking garage at 6:30 p.m. This is the main campus on Beacon Street in Chestnut Hill. We will be meeting at the lower level closest to Beacon Street. On Saturday March 8th, and 15th, practice will be at Beaver Brook at 11:00 a.m.


    Congratulations to Jeff Linehan and Mary McGlade who are set to tie the knot on April 19th, in the Cayman Islands. Jeff has taken up the job of cabana boy at Mel's All-Inclusive Motel/Duty Free Shop.. With the upcoming tour to Ireland/Scotland on the horizon. Not many Old Gold RFC'ers will be able to attend. To bring everyone there I have taken the liberty to include the shopping list for Jeff's bachelor party:

  • 1 can whipping cream
  • 1 feather duster
  • 1 Video (Very Brady Christmas)
  • 3 Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • 1 Elderly and well traveled Coconut
  • 14 1/2 Old Gold Stickers
  • 1 carton frozen squash
  • 1 ice cream scoop
  • 2 small domestic farm animals
  • 2 oz. of Ground Nutmeg
  • 3 Bell Peppers
  • 1 Dr. Galackowicz Book of Home Remedies
  • 1 Bungee Cord
  • 4 cocktail straws
  • 1 Jeff Linehan
  • Once again dues are $11 for CIPP and $90 for the season. Geoff Millerd our new Treasurer will be offering a 1 percent discount if both are paid together. So the grand total for you non-math majors would be $100.

    A new year, a new president, but not a new message. Last season was pitiful, both in performance and attendance. This team is made up of over 30 players, not the first fifteen nor the committed ones that make every practice and game. If you want to play rugby and good rugby, then I ask you to commit yourself to the game and the team. I don't want people that just have nothing better to do Saturdays. Family, Work, then Rugby. All else is BS. Sending 16 players to Burlington, VT. was a joke – and where were you! I want to see at least 25-35 players at practice and even more on game day. We have the people, we just don't have the commitment (Old Boys are always welcome to boot-up).

    It takes individual dedication to make our team successful. With the level of skill of our players and the development of others, Old Gold should own this division. What it comes down to is, do you want to win? Do you want to grow? As a player? As a team? I do! And we can have fun along the way. I ask all that receive our newsletters to help Old Gold RFC; that's old boys, friends, associates, and sponsors. Help Old Gold in the little way – assist in the recruiting from alumni, attend games, enjoy social events, come down to practice for a run. Never assume we don't need you.

    Take some initiative to keep this team alive and strong. Established in 1974 and existing today thanks to so many individuals that took it upon themselves to get things done. You don't need a title to do things. You don't need to be told to bring water to a game. If you get thirsty on game day, bring some %#&! water. We need everybody to get involved, so come to practice, come to games, come to socials – let's have some fun and kick some ass (it has been awhile).

    On the lighter side, Frenchie and David Sparks have committed themselves to coaching Old Gold this season. Also, with Jeff Campbell as the new Capt. and the return of Lawrence, I am excited to see some serious play and wins. If we can have a strong spring turn-out and a winning attitude, the victories will come; add an August tour to Ireland/Scotland and in the fall we'll do some damage. Just come to practice, get tough and let's play some great rugby.

    Thanks for listening, now show up and be counted.

    Jordan Hoy


    PS You better be training on your own.


    “Remember we are playing the New York 7's Tournament on Saturday, November 30th. Call the hot-line for details.” This was taken from the past newsletter and it appears that not many paid attention to this. No details available