The Espaniard Espeaks to thank you all

November 8, 2006

Hola cabrones, Last night’s victory tops what has been the best rugby season for Old Gold in the last 10 years. We have gone from a team that 5 years ago struggled to have a couple of victories per season and better known for its social achievements than for it’s rugby display, to one of the toughest teams in NE, with the less number of points scored against us than any other team in the Division but still famous for it’s social achievements. Personal losses, several injuries and more weddings than in a mormon town have made this one of the toughest rugby years that I remember. Personally, being the captain is hard, being the captain after one the best team’s captains that I’ve ever met (JL) is harder and being the captain when you haven’t actually been elected as a captain and therefore, lacking the moral authority for the position is even harder. By far, the worse part of the job was to get the regular phone call by Jason Caron and try to come up with the list of players for the weekend’s game. I guess that the difficulty of the task only means that you have many good players. But believe me, 15 is not a big number when you are involved in the selection process. Still, It makes me proud to see the players in the bench overcome their frustration with more hard work and that makes me proud. I am proud of those guys who never made it to the A-side but turned up to every practice. I am proud of those of you played injured, after a personal loss or an intense honey moon in the Caribbean. I am very proud of and thankful to all the wives, girlfriends, kids, friends, old players and relatives who came to support the team under any weather condition and put up with the muddy clothes. I am proud of attitude that the team has on the pitch. Less yapping only means a better team with players focused on their job. I thank you all for paying your dues. I am proud of the present and past executives that dedicated a lot of hours and worked hard to bring the team where it is now. I am proud of having the best and most stubborn coach in NE and the best Physical trainer around. Thanks you all for a great season. See you in the spring.

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