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Black Lives Matter

June 08, 2020

With all that is happening in the world and in the United States right now, we as a Rugby Club will not stand silently in the face of racial injustices and brutality being brought forth on our brothers and sisters. Old Gold is proud to be a part of a community that transcends the sport of Rugby and includes all walks of life. We are a family first and teammates second, and our family members have been and continue to be treated unjustly. 
The disdain shown by our society and government towards human beings based on the color of their skin is unacceptable. This is not something that can be ignored. Black Lives Matter. The time to speak is now and if this sentiment makes you uncomfortable, then you are part of the problem, and not the solution. 
On the pitch we stand together, we fight together, and most importantly, we fight for each other. Off the pitch is no different. Old Gold is determined to have a positive impact on our community and this includes speaking out and continuing to speak out against racism and inequality. 

Spring Season & COVID-19

March 11, 2020

Following the mandate issued by USA Rugby on COVID-19, Old Gold Rugby Football Club will not participate in rugby activities for at least 30 days, starting on March 12th. We had a number of great matches that we were looking forward to this month and this is a disappointment to all involved. We will do our best to reschedule, but in the mean time, stay healthy and go for a run!

Spring Season 2020

March 11, 2020

Spring is here and that means a new season of Old Gold Rugby! From March to May we will revisit some familiar foes and visit some new ones as well. Click on the link to get the OGRFC full match Schedule for Spring 2020.

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Why Old Gold?

Rugby union is a fast and exciting full contact team sport. It can be played by teams of 15, 10 or 7 players who during two halves of 40 minutes must attempt to outscore the opposing team by carrying, passing, kicking and grounding an oval ball. The teams must attempt to stop the advance of their opponents by tackling them to the ground, causing the player to release the ball and possession to be contested, or by charging down their kicks.

So, what does Old Gold Rugby Club have to offer you? It offers hard earned bumps, bruises, cuts, sprains and possibly, the odd broken bone. It also offers the opportunity to play hard and sometimes win and other times lose. In the end however, it offers the opportunity to be in a team of like minded individuals who look out for each other, work hard for each other, and more importantly, accept you for whatever you can bring to the club.

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Old Gold Rugby Football Club was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by a group of Boston College Alumni and has competed in New England and toured the globe since it was founded in the Fall of 1974. The team is steeped with history and tradition that is the envy of many US rugby clubs. Old Gold Rugby Club is in the final stages of becoming an official non-profit organization. This ensures that people and businesses that sponsor OGRFC can obtain a tax credit.

During that first season Old Gold was undefeated, and has ever since continued to offer competitive rugby to any team who steps onto the field. The team plays fair and hard rugby that have earned it a solid reputation in NERFU. Old Gold also helps foster rugby by helping out at college level and by offering a very well run tournament the New England 10's™.

Each fall we compete in the NERFU League against clubs throughout New England and New York. We are presently in the Second Division. Old Gold has won the Second Division of New England a number of times.

Old Gold is the home for many players from around the world. Our current list boasts players from countries such as Australia, Tonga, South Africa, England, Ireland, Canada and more.

Old Gold has an extensive history of tours. Within the United States, we annually play in one of the nations greatest tournaments, the Saranac Lake Can-Am Rugby Tournament. Other tournaments include Savannah, Georgia, St. Patrick's Day Tournament, the Connecticut Cup, Portland Tournament, the Harvard, Newport, New York and Worcester 7's, and the New England 10's. (Which we won in 1996 and now currently host).

Old Gold celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2000 with a tour of the Bahamas Islands. Prior to that, in '96 we toured the Grand Cayman Islands. Our 20th Anniversary tour landed us in Australia '94. Other tours include England/Wales '91, Ireland/Scotland '87, Bahamas '83. Also, a few members traveled to South Africa for the 1995 World Cup and were able to attend the Championship Match between South Africa and New Zealand. Others may have occurred, however, all mental records were tragically destroyed.

We last hosted visiting teams from: Abercarn RFC from Wales and Cowbridge RFC from England. Our club has hosted numerous international clubs, including the prestigious Old Emmanuel of England, in 1979 and a good bunch to know, the London Metropolitan Police/Imber Court, in 1991.






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